December Wishlist

December is indeed the happiest month of the year. It is when you see people smile bigger, making the world happier. It is perhaps because though this 12th month marks ending of the very long 2015, it is the time of the year to be thankful of everything that happened because those somehow made people better than they were eleven months before.




Another thing that makes this month lovelier than the rest is because of the happy surrounding. Why, couldn’t you smile when you see long strings of series lights hanging from the mall’s ceiling? or the colors of green, red and gold that you see in each family’s living room? Happiness is contagious this month. Maybe because it has been a cliché that when it is December, it is a month celebrated.

For those who believe in Christmas, December is the season which is love is all around. Most, if not all, people who are abroad come home to just to reunite with their families. Music along the streets, incredible-themed parties, giving of gifts and receiving presents, hopeful it’s not a photo album, mug or hand towel are famous in this season.

Describing this month is such a long composition that might take another page of two or three. I, myself, seeing my December ahead cause me excitement and exhaustion. The same to you, I also have various gathering to attend, plus our work requires NO HOLIDAYS, that’s why I have to line up everything in my planner, so that there would be no overlapping and I could make sure I will make it as I promised to organizers and friends. True, December – Christmas parties and New Year Eve dinners are two of the few in this season when we cannot say no, because why would you? Party in December is a kind of celebrating a happy family, true friendship and great partnership!

As part of my preparation (or I just don’t want to receive another photo album, frames and mug, LOL), I made a wishlist for those who could at least remember me (Haha!) or for myself, so that I will know what to buy firstly on the next month or months, in case I haven’t received one thing from my friends (Hahaha, demanding, this girl!). Seriously, if you could make a wish list, I think you should. It saves time of your gift-giver to think what he should give you, or at least he will know you initially on your likes and interests and could opt with something that you would possibly like. Admit it or not, a GOOD surprise is the best thing.

So the following is my wish list:



1. The One

This is the book 3 of The Selection series that featured America Singer’s journey to being Maxon’s love of life and a queen, to a futuristic country of Illia. Before this, there was The Selection (Book 1) and The Elite that I have already read, and other versions on different points of view. After this, there is The Heir, and I’m waiting for its second book (Kierra Cass, please!). However, what made me like this book The One that I really want the physical one is that Maxon’s proposal to Ames is such OH MY GOODNESS.

2. Co-ordinates

Yeah, I know you know I love wearing a pair. Shorts and pants version will do (Hihihi).


You’re might laughing your heart out right there! Haha. Actually, I am planning to acquire one even not so soon, but I am saving for it. However, if you’re so generous, my gift-giver, why not.

4. Hair Blower

It’s been an intense dire of mine to iron my hair before work or going somewhere but for heaven’s sake, my wet, thick hair takes a whole day to dry!

5. Shoe Rack

My slippers sandals, shoes and sneakers-ssss are just lying around. Sometimes, my nephew put it in the darkest corner I could cry.

6. Sewing Kit

If you think a working girl like me cannot do anything at home, you know you’re wrong! Above all things, I love to sew. When I was younger, I design my own shapes of hankies and tops from scratch. If I could spare time soon, I will study knitting, making bracelets out of beads, and other things. Loving DIY means being creative.

So there you have it! To my friends out there, these are just listed items I am wishing for. I cannot force you if you will still give me flower vase, or mug! I can still use it in the office. Hahaha.


Honestly, amidst the food and sing-alongs, celebration also means tight schedule, busy people, and crazy event-organizing. These are unfortunately sources of stress that can divert our mood and make us out of tune. Thus, it is better to make sure that everything is properly laid out or possibly, is put into paper so that you can avoid the holiday rush, possible to ruin your happy vibes and excitement you have there in your head. Just remember the most important things that celebrations are made to be; and these include laughing, loving and living.




First posted in my personal blog.


Irene is a lifestyle and travel blogger from Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines. She is just one of your typical storytellers who appreciate the wonders of life. Most of the time, she seeks for a beautiful place and get lost in it.

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