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My definition of self-confidence

For me, self-confidence is a driving force that speaks to us to do the tasks thinking that it will give us the output that we imagine right after. It is trusting in ourselves on what we can do, that what we put in our mind, we can translate it into something that we can see and experience.

What makes self-confidence, or what makes us confident with ourselves?

There are millions of things I heard in different conversations about self-confidence. One friend said it is walking in the middle of the crowd, confidently being yourself, smiling and unashamed of what you are, and instead of being abashed, you are happy with what you are. Another friend said it is like working out two hours every day and just being happy with your progress, to wear edgy dresses, even if you have your favorite shaping dress in.

I see self-confidence as a win in every little thing that I do. You see, my own journey of being confident is an ongoing battle and I am happy that it gave me the realization that it is very fine to define your own path to self-confidence.

Self-confidence for me is the icing at the end of my little things, I would say that again. I feel confident right after I wear make-up and even more when I realize the day is worth making myself up. I feel confident if I have that shaping bodysuit on because I am very fine with it. I feel confident right after I wore that heels on, the kind that it is so proper to where I am going on a certain day. I love those ’90s heels, broad and not pointy. I feel confident right after I read the entire file because I knew I was able to comprehend the document enough and respond properly.

My self-confidence journey is in the stage where I am still working out for it and that is important to know because I know in me that I have to give myself grace whenever I am on my not-so-confident period. What I should do that whether I am still at it or confidence is on its upward spiral, what I want myself to do at that moment is to give my best a tap on the back and say you will be there up again. Another thing that I will be telling to myself is “Yes, dear, buy that lip mousse, buy that strapless shapewear slips, buy that shoes if you really like it!” I think, in that small thing, that would be the start. Clearly, that start is making friends with yourself to believe in yourself.

Irene is a lifestyle and travel blogger from Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines. She is just one of your typical storytellers who appreciate the wonders of life. Most of the time, she seeks for a beautiful place and get lost in it.

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