Hello. I am Irene Joy B. Dayo. Lots of people call me different nicknames from picking up on a number of syllables or subparts of my name, but I prefer to be simply called “Irene.”

I am born at the dawn of July 13, 1993. I live at the heart of Misamis Oriental, Philippines. I love blogging about things I like, the lessons I learned and about the life I live.

I graduated Bachelor of Science in Technology Communication Management from Mindanao University of Science and Technology here at Cagayan de Oro City.

I have several interests. Traveling is one of it. I travel mainly for work. Most of travel posts here are made out from my “enjoyable” travel work. However, when I have the fortunate chance, I travel for leisure. Frequently, you can see all of these in my blog posts.

I currently work at a government agency attached to Presidential Communications. I once dreamt of being a development communicator, since the moment I know what that job is for. It is something some could not choose to do. I want to address the problems and concerns of the people who are less fortunate to those who are in power, through my skills and talent. I want to ignite hope and empower capabilities. Hopefully, someday, I would be able to do that.

I was a campus journalist since elementary grades. Being a student-writer was a career back then that I considered a unique thing of a younger me and something that I was so proud of, because it is where the passion in writing blossomed. I could express myself and find the real person in me. I write to express not to impress.

I was an editor-in-chief to our university student publication back in college and the experience was really amazing, I learned a lot. It has been a strong bridge that put me on where I am now and I am very and always be grateful of that.

I created this blog back 2012 and has been my home since then. But before that, I have been blogging so long, jumping from sites to sites until I found Tumblr. From there, I migrated for my own site, giving birth to itsirenedayo.com.

I blog things that catch my eyes and all others that interest me. I welcome you to this space. You will know more about me in my blog posts. Don’t ever hesitate to drop some comments. I love to hear something from my readers.



Me in Eight Lines.

I am passionate about expressing myself through writing. It makes me feel comfortable without speaking too much.

I am kinda addicted to Korean dramas. They open me to various Korean culture which interests me.

I also love movies in different genres. Scenes introduce me to wonderful meaning of each character’s journey.

I am obsessed with books. I can live inside the library.

Fashion caught my interest. I believe style and colors produce life.

I find music energizing. Melody soothes my senses.

I love to travel. Moving places transcends me to another dimension and releases my doubts.

I have a number of interests. Some are still waiting to be discovered.