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How’s Life November?

The past few months have been a sort of maze for me. I saw myself go through it with a thinking that it is just a rough path, a rough season that I had to go through. Thankfully, with proper shields and tools – loads and loads of prayer, determination, strategies coupled with humility, trusting the process, and simply doing our bestest best, I am currently seeing the light, the blessings of our hard work, and more of God’s amazing grace. Of course, there are still problems that I have to overcome, several of it if I would count, and honestly so dizzy-ing if I imagine it over and over again, but I am believing that I can overcome it all, with God’s grace, as always.

I am back at work, handling an operation of the information center while juggling all the pending administrative work. It’s all a mix of solution after solution, seeing another loophole, solving it, and just a cycle that goes on and on, trusting that there is a graceful way out of these problems. Career is something that we have to take care and at the same time believing that God will turn everything into place in His time. I was in pain for realizing I could not handle multiple tasks and expected to do them outstandingly. I have been lacking focus. But well. I believe, all is well that ends well and nothing is impossible if we do our best.

I am developing a couple of hobbies. Journaling – because journaling and planning saved me countless times! I thought it was God’s gift, an existing armor of me. I am into herbs and spices. If you have just seen how my studio’s cabinet turned into. I was fond of recipes lately, passionately following Marion Grasby and Panlasang Pinoy, and @dearnomdiary and @ponytailcamper on Instagram. I thought their pages were so inspiring! I love cooking and I hope it will love me back too. Lol. Honestly, these things are making me sane. Plus, these are not so expensive since I have managed to collect kitchen tools way back in my more comfortable years and I am harvesting the fruit of those little investments.

I am also back into content creation, specifically on Instagram and X, and also for the info center that I am currently handling. Thereafter many things that I have to go through, and there are passions that I just let to rest for a time. For now, I am slowly tapping them, hoping they will wake up.

How’s life really? These days, I prefer to go home. Maybe when my mom was sick, I saw how important it is to be home as much as possible, to balance your priorities. As much as I would want to build a more comfortable future, I do not want to be too desperate. God is always in control and I have to trust His process, and I feel like I want to be present now at home. I also work on balancing my time in the city and in going home to our town in a sense that I would spend too much. This year, the financial aspect of my life is greatly challenged. Truly in the past few months my bank moved a lot. There are so many tears involve, headaches, heartaches of budgeting too tightly. But all I feel somehow when time gets easier is that how can I complain, how can I be stressed when miracles happened in so many months. Having to live the same or I say more manageable life after my mom’s hospitalization is but a revelation of God’s goodness to me. Whenever I remember it all, I cry. Because I do not know how it happened. I still do not know how everything worked for me, but all I can think is I never stopped praying and asking.

Emotions aside, I am writing now because this blog documented my life and plans, and how wonderful to see this page still alive somehow, receiving several partnerships. For that, I am beyond thankful. My personal experience is my blog’s niche and I somehow want to continue it that way. This place is my happy place, after all, and I want this blog to be just as authentic as possible, a home that my community and I can go back to, a place where I do not check statistics or engagements but see that people are reading. I know because when I encounter some of you, I will learn that you have read my blog. Maybe already traditional for 2023 but my heart is grateful. Thank you.

Going on, after several months, I also happen to attend many events. Because of this blog, I am still a blogger. Hehe.

Below is during the recent lighting event and launching of Sparkling Uptown Holidays of SM Cagayan de Oro. You would know you’re back in the arena when you find yourself curling your hair and ironing your clothes for an event.

I also happen to attend the BDO Thanksgiving Dinner, on behalf of my blogger sister achi Karen Sanchez of CDO Lifestyle. I would like to thank our friends from ROAR Agile Communicators for being so generous. In addition, for a K drama lover, I thank them for bringing us to Ajirang Korean Restaurant, a place I have looked forward of visiting.

There was also a time when I was invited for a get-together at Cucina Higala, a heritage cuisine in Cagayan de Oro. It was the place where I spent my 25th birthday and I know it would be my favorite restaurant.

Before I end this post, I would share some of my Instagram (@imirenejoy) photos lately. I told you, my current life is spelled home and I realized most of my contents give you a glimpse of my Shopee budol for the past few years. LOL.

Irene is a lifestyle and travel blogger from Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines. She is just one of your typical storytellers who appreciate the wonders of life. Most of the time, she seeks for a beautiful place and get lost in it.

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