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R.O.X. Mapawa Trail Run 2015


Last week, before I traveled down South, I attended the R.O.X. Mapawa Trail Run media launch.

This Mapawa trail run has been conducted for about 5 years already. It is a main event of Mapawa and R.O.X. has been an active sponsor and partner for the last three years. However, this year, they are taking the lead – creating R.O.X. Mapawa Trail Run.

The run will be conducted this October 25. There are four categories: 42K, 22K, 11K and 6K. Mind you, these will be done in Mapawa Nature and Adventure Park with great elevation. Thus, it is not just a typical marathon.

I am so excited to document this event, because aside from witnessing a very tough but rewarding event, R.O.X. will also be having fiesta games for runners and their colleagues, and I am sure those are not just the typical, but exciting fiesta games!

For more information about R.O.X, Mapawa Trail Run, kindly visit these links:

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