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It was a result of a postponed coverage that I found myself inside the cozy place of Chub’s Diner. Tagging itself as “diner across the street,” this pigging out venue is located at Corrales Avenue in Cagayan de Oro, beside Metrobank and fronting Coffeeworks.

At the first glance of the menu, I almost squeaked out “whoaaa!” for the servings are affordable, and mouth-watering and one look of each one will assure you that you will get out full and post in your social media accounts with something like “cravings satisfied.”

I ordered Chub’s Double Cheese Burger that costs around P180.00. It has two patties and two burger bread.


At first, it worried me on how to start off with a very very big burger. Then, I started to slice a piece, and decided to take out the rest. Apologies, but I really can’t finish it off. It is so yum-yummy delicious! and yes, satisfyingly worth the pay.

I also had the chance to take bites with the share I had from what my friends ordered.


This Fries Family Platter that comes with combo of Chub’s Fries, Mexican Fries and Chili Cheese. It is excellent for family bonding or for circle of friends who want to indulge some pig out while having couples of catching up.


This one is for those who want to have something heavy during one of the major meals of the day.

Crispy Pork Adobo is a classic Filipino dish that could be availed for only P190.00 at Chub’s All-Day Breakfast meals.

They also have more than that.  The bomb Chub’s have is this Chub’s Challenge where you have to eat a foot-high burger! Oh moe, that’s quite not a “just” challenge for big eaters out there. LOL.

Photo: Chub’s Diner Facebook Page

Making your tummy happy is like putting yourself hyped up in the rest of the day. Surely, Chub’s Diner will you make more productive in your working hours, and yes, dine in their place for some more time.




Photo: Chub’s Diner Facebook Page

For inquiries, Chub’s Diner could be reached through these digits: 310-2039 and 0927-910-8528.

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