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Big Bite Food Fest

Big Bite Food Festival is an annual celebration of different cuisines serve around the city of Cagayan de Oro. I am so thankful to Centrio Mall and Ms. Helen Grace Uy (my college instructor!) and her Professional Organizers Unlimited, Inc. team for partnering us Cagayan de Oro Bloggers, and letting us participate in the Big Bite Food Tour and be one of the evaluators for food establishments in different categories. I considered it one of most challenging events that I have participated because how could you rank food establishments when you rate them just the same? Because they’re all outstanding in taste, presentation and all that? Indeed, all are competitive, and it is a tough but enjoying blogger assignment of all time.

So much for that assignment, what made me enjoy the event is – okay, aside from the free taste that made my super dinner that night (Lol!), I have come to realize how varied our CDO food are. There is no need for you to find your taste and cravings in other cities because we already have everything! You just have to explore because CDO restaurants have their own creativity and uniqueness there is no such place for “sumo” (monotonous) food. They are all delicious and something to be proud of. Back in time I have visitors, it was a difficulty for me to where I would tour them, aside from Pasalubong Centers. I realized it does not have to be that difficult. You could bring them to Centrio Mall, to Curry Curry, to Barkadahan, to Kenko Naicha Tea House and so many others.

The four-day event simply brought out the thought that there is so much Cagayan de Oro City could offer and I am super delighted by this.

Below are photos of few of the many booths we toured to.


Johanns, Sightseer Pinay/the blogger bestie. Posting this because it’s been a long time ters!  <3

Hello, Ma’am Helen! She is my instructor in Event Organizing subject back in college, and currently heads the Professional Organizers Unlimited, Inc.

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