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Being our best self with Popilush shapewear

Have you worked out enough and have eaten well to be a beautiful you? Beautiful in the sense that you love yourself more, and have taken care of yourself more than ever. In which, that translates to giving yourself grace, allowing yourself to choose that awkward nail color, giving in to shapewear dresses on sale, or ordering an extra cup of caramel macchiato.

Needless to say, only months to go and we will celebrate the successful end of 2023. The last few months for me have been quite challenging, giving me the idea to truly invest in our health by eating heart-healthy food, more often selecting greeny greens in the community market, doing my best to free myself from unnecessary stress, and more importantly, moving more and burning bad cholesterol by doing morning exercises wearing that shapewear bodysuit I like so much, or even moving around between busy hours.

Speaking of exercising, lately, I have been walking a lot. I already missed doing yoga, pilates, and even my 6pm jog at the sports center. Different from my routine six months ago, my consistent sitting in front of my desk gave me more fat to burn. My weight went down by 47 kilos but still, I can feel that there are still extras in my waist and neck.

Dressing up is so important for my work. I meet a lot of people days in a week and weeks in a month. I converse, interview, verify facts, and monitor. Hence, I have to be my confident self most of the time. I have to dress well or else my communication process will not be so good. I learned from my Communications professor during college that in order for you to speak well, communicate successfully, and deliver outstandingly the signals that you have to send to your receiver, it is so important not to be affected by external factors, such as insecurities and having low self-esteem.

Having to realize this, I thought to myself to make sure that, I am pretty – for me and look well-dressed – for me. Hence, whether I worked out or not, I have to be my best self. It is but challenging to magic me out, but thankfully, I found this built in shapewear dress. This allows me to be the better version of myself infront and beyond my mirror.

Irene is a lifestyle and travel blogger from Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines. She is just one of your typical storytellers who appreciate the wonders of life. Most of the time, she seeks for a beautiful place and get lost in it.

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