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Satisfy your cravings at all-in-one University DugOut

I went to University DugOut Food Bazaar last week in Corrales Avenue to check out their food. They opened only last June 20.

It is a student incubation hub, made for feasibility studies of Xavier University students, and first of its kind here in CDO. University DugOut helps these youngsters equip knowledge and gain handy and proper training in managing and handling food business.

These students already acquire business permits, sanitary certificates and other government documents proving the public that their food products are prepared and processed with utmost cleanliness and safety. Comes to place, it is spacious enough and tables and chairs were uniquely designed to fit the mood of the place. According to Mr. Irwin Jamaca, initiator of University DugOut, he let the brands design their own place that would best fit their kind of food business and would help them in marketing their place. In addition, he reserved one corner of the place for display of jerseys owned by MVPs and players of different sports from XU. Mr. Jamaca was an instructor under Business Administration in XU and is currently guiding these students terms of Marketing (XU Business Ad instructors monitor the students regularly). He envisioned this University DugOut to run in a long span, equipping entrep students with rare experience and lessons from a real scene of doing business.

There are eight (8) brands inside the University DugOut incubation hub. They are Kini Rogers (How witty!), The Taco Point, Chixee Fried, Surfries! by Frito Co., Camppas, Food Stax, Chenee, and The Next Sisigan. Learning about these brand names made me realize how creative our youth nowadays and I expect of more food businesses to sprout out here is CDO years from now.

I tried out each one of their food snacks which mostly are similar to ones offered in movie houses just like taco, fries, nachos, rice toppings and chips.

Below are few of my faves which I highly recommend to all of you.

Chicken Fries (All-in Chicken Strips + Fries + Potato Crunch + Drinks)

Cheenut Meal

Filipino Style Tacos

Surfries! (Wait for the surprise!)

Chix ‘N Pesto Meal

Spicy Chicken Glaze

Nestea drink


I know you’re craving side is feeling giddy to eat! So, what are you waiting for? Visit University DugOut Food Bazaar at 2nd Floor, Jamaca Building, Corrales Avenue, Cagayan de Oro City (Near Hotel Xentro, and infront of Pizzarella) and see for yourself the mouth-watering offerings our XU students prepared for us. Stores open at 8am until 8pm.




Documenting my visit. LOL.

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Thanks Ters for the company! Lablab. Mua!

I don’t have a decent photo with him, but I thank Sir Irwin Jamaca for accommodating us during our visit.

University DugOut is also on Facebook. Check them here.

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