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Happiness and the little dumbbells

I can say being active and working out consistently for the past three months caused changes in my physical and mental well-being. I was never free as this before. Knowing how I progress, though not as fast as others do, but I am happy about this. Indeed so happy that I get to finally use my little dumbbells, big tumblers I purchased long ago and buy shaper shorts as well.

I still have a long way to go to reach my ideal body, but I am right on track on my ideal weight now. I guess, I have to reprogram my workout and focus more on my stomach without forgetting of course that I should also continue doing the cardiovascular exercises. I have been jogging for so many hours in a week, and that tired even my muscles but I guess it healed me at most point. I get sweat. It gave me my ideal weight. More importantly, I gained focus. Choosing this journey to fitness gave me hope towards mental healing; healing from triggers, heartache, trauma and body insecurities.

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Before, I never really had the will to workout because my time did not permit. I get tired easily and I tend to focus on my routine rather than moving around. Little did I know it is something that I need. Being fit is not just about getting those abs because I am honestly far from it (though having it will make me immensely happy!), but it is about getting the perks. My mind, my heart and my way of thinking benefit from these perks and I am beyond grateful.

Doing workout, short or heavy one, gave me something that I need for so long. I have been yearning for this mental freedom for several years. This is why I make use of the right tools and venue while working out. It makes me so happy though. I go to the Sports Center, Gym or go around the Community, wear built-in shapewear dress and clean shoes, eat right food, as well as drink a lot of water. Somehow, this practice has become a therapy and a source of happy thoughts as well.

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