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Foodies’ Treat: Start at P99 with Grab Food

Nothing is more satisfying than indulging in your favorite good food after the day’s work, isn’t it?

As all of you know, I have this deep interest in good food. Every time I finish tasks on or before a deadline, I eat good food. Every time we are marking a milestone, occasion or a small win, I celebrate with food. If I am going through something, much more, deal it with a milk tea or coffee in another hand. If I am happy, you will see me in the convenience store buying chocolate or tapping my phone to order a cake.

Maybe, it is already in my personality. I did not even mind gaining weight back then. Yes! (But of course, I am more conscious now.)

Good food elevates our moments and it makes them more delicious to savor. Plus, it connects people and is a good starter for family conversation. Ah, I remember last month when out of the blue during a birthday lunch, my aunt reminisced about their younger, simple days with my mom and other aunties and uncles when they were still playing by the river and running around bamboo trees. Us, younger people never knew it! It is surprising since elder ones talk about problem-solving and seldom do I hear these light things. Ah, see what good food could bring. My family talks a lot and tease each other over big plates of pancit. I even meet friends and start our sort of catching-up over Korean ramen or a cheesy trio of corndogs in a vintage pub.

Speaking of food, I am sure you will agree that we have greater access now to delicious home-cooked meals or a chef’s special bulalo or to a well-known milk tea in town. I honestly am one of those who love ordering from GrabFood and feel truly grateful that we have this now.

Are you on a budget but feel like you want to celebrate something? Or just tired from our day’s hustle and bustle? Good news! GrabFood now offers their GrabFood Everyday Value Meals, which start at Php 99! For me? It is both a tasty and wallet-friendly treat. Just open your Grab app, tap Food and choose “Starts at P99+” and, voila! You can have endless selections of restos. You may even opt for “Nearby” if you want those nearest from your area, “Free Delivery,” or just browse along!

I apparently finished a report today, so my friends and I had a big dinner earlier. Below are my Top 5 favorite meals from GrabFood Everyday Value Meal. If you are from Cagayan de Oro Uptown, you may try the same orders!


1. MY DINNER STARTER (& drink!): Army Lush Blended Frappe, P 145

from Tiger Bubble Tea – Uptown

For those Armys out there. Needless to say, but order now!


2. MAIN DISH: Tinolang Isda and Steamed Rice, P 90

from Mina’s Kitchenette


3.  MAIN DISH: Pork Humba and Steamed Rice, P 95

from Mina’s Kitchenette


4. MAIN DISH: Al Pater Beef, P 100 (Double Order), P 50 (Solo Meal)

from AL Pater AL Palapa – Lane 101


5. MY DESSERT: Pyramid Yema Original, P 152

from Hinam-is – SM City CDO


Irene is a lifestyle and travel blogger from Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines. She is just one of your typical storytellers who appreciate the wonders of life. Most of the time, she seeks for a beautiful place and get lost in it.

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