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The challenge of achieving focus

My body is an office body. Having able to work from home is a challenge for me. Yes, I am grateful that I can spend more time in our home which do not usually happen. I can wake up not hustling. I get to enjoy my breakfast, tasting the sardines, boiled egg and my coffee or milk. I can listen my favorite music genre. I can see everyone in our house which is very comforting for my heart. However, the fact that I can freely adjust my time here to what makes me comfortable, it bothers my mind. I mean, my less productivity at home makes me stressed and the ticking of time while working from home is faster, like everything goes away in a jiffy. My mind is more like thinking too much and I have done less. I tend to do things not necessary for the day. Sadly, I realize, I do not have focus while I am working from home.

Focus is one thing that I need to improve on. Because I have a lot of interests and there are many things I want to do, my mind, body and time cannot just keep up. Honestly, these days are very challenging for my mental health that I know I need an intervention.

I have always been a self-help. Below are the strategies that I come up to aid me in my healing journey. You will also find out about my latest finds at DuraFits, a brand that I am into lately.

First, I do meditation. Some people say that meditation is very important because it is about opening your senses to your surroundings and filling in good energies. These energies will lighten all the burden that you have. This also helped me to step back from my busy day, unite with the peaceful surroundings and assess what is happening to me and how would I properly respond. This activity made me realize that being calm would solve the trouble.

Second, I give time in moving my body as much as I can. I have read some articles that working out, practicing yoga, walking and other related activities help in achieving our focus. Compared to older days, I have less of an active person these past few months because of my very hectic schedule. I left also all of my full body shapewear behind, so I know I have to keep up and mend the inactive months.

This is the reason that I valued exercising more these days. I mentioned in my posts that I made time for this. I also research what I have to do. The pandemic discouraged us to go out, since then, I have been exercising from home. I researched my work out and chose from fitness enthusiasts across the YouTube and made them my online instructors, and by far, it works well for me.

Third. I am also a fashion-enthusiast that I have to wear something good while doing an important task, and so I wear shaper shorts for during work out because it is comfortable and further helps me achieve my shape. I am also into bodysuit shaper. Honestly, bodysuit shaper from DuraFits are very useful in my exercises since I have to do a few cardio. Plus, it helps you achieve your best shapers smooth out and enhance the right curves.

If you want to discover about new finds of mine, and yes, more full body shapewear, you can check this site. There are also a lot of selections of shapewear that you will surely love. Below are some items that sparked my interest.

Irene is a lifestyle and travel blogger from Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines. She is just one of your typical storytellers who appreciate the wonders of life. Most of the time, she seeks for a beautiful place and get lost in it.

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