Filipino foods to pair with Korean soju

The pandemic made me realize how valuable family is. That is why as much as possible I do my best to bond with my family. Usually, I stay at my place in Cagayan de Oro City during weekdays for work. However, since the pandemic struck, I go home twice a week because I believe being with the family is the only way I could heal my anxiety and panic attacks that coronavirus health crisis had caused me. If only I am not afraid to take the bus with so many people, I would go home daily. Yet, I am also concerned with joining a crowd even though maintaining basic health protocols, and go home to my loved ones. I fear that I may bring virus to our home. This is how sad the pandemic caused us, in our calmness, security and our mental health.

Time with family matters to me. I plan my activities before I get home. I am a real foodie and food in the city is a sort of adventure; I would always like my family to try it too. There was one time I appreciated ramen because I was able to watch so many Korean dramas that display very delicious ramen, it makes your mouth water. That is why I googled the mostly recommended ingredients for ramen, bought those from Marketplace and cook ramen at home. And of course, paired it with flavored soju – the Korean magic. My favorite Korean soju is always Jinro Soju in Strawberry flavor.

Weekend with some Kinilaw, Sinugba and Jinro Soju

This weekend, I was into Kinilaw, a Filipino favorite, and surprisingly it went well with our soju. Jinro Strawberry soju is a twist that gives you sweet, tart taste of ripened strawberry in each sip while maintaining a light and refreshing experience.

Korean soju
Korean soju

Jinro soju are in six favorite flavors: grapefruit, green grape, plum, strawberry, chamisul fresh and of course, the Jinro Chamisul Original. The original one passed through a patented bamboo charcoal filtration process four times, getting rid of hangover-cuasing compounds. This drink has a more potent alcohol content than regular soju, making it the favorite drink of those who enjoy an authentic and rich Jinro Soju experience.

Just earlier, my Sunday afternoon is also about chips and soju, mixed with Yakult. Yes, with Yakult (and you may add some Sprite, if you prefer it). We Filipinos always enjoy chips in different flavors and pair it with our favorite drink. This is whenever we get bored and think about our next steps — if you know what I mean, whenever we binge- watch our favorite series in Netflix, or enjoy KTV night or even when we browse our social media. To eat chips and drink soju has become basic.

flavored soju
flavored soju

drink soju
drink soju

Dinner is about Sinugba and it went very deliciously with our favorite soju as well. I opt with green grape soju tonight. Initially, I planned to have the meat in our dirty kitchen because my mom said it is more delicious when cooked traditionally in there, but we were already hungry and put it in the electric griller instead.

I am a foodie who loves heavy food. I just realized that recently when my boss called out me because I order the same set of food every day for our office lunch. I guess, that is why we call it favorites, because we tend to obsess on the same things without realizing it, until someone else say it to our face.

It was indeed a weekend full of tummy treats and I enjoyed it a lot. I look forward to another pork food weekdays with officemates, streetfoods with friends after office and humba with family next weekend, or kaldereta maybe? Hehe. I will still think about it, but I would have all these foodtrips with my favorite Jinro Soju, as always.

Irene is a lifestyle and travel blogger from Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines. She is just one of your typical storytellers who appreciate the wonders of life. Most of the time, she seeks for a beautiful place and get lost in it.

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