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Fashion has become a way of expression. Most of the time the way a person is dressed tells one thing or two about her personality, culture and beliefs. There is this what we call “Personal Style” of a person. For women, for an instance, there are those who want to be seen as chic, so corporate, kawai, feminine, Korean Drama-inspired and the like. A person’s choice and interests can be mirrored by the way she chooses to dress.

Personally, I view fashion as an important aspect in my daily life. I think, most of us are. There are just times that we feel it is an activity in the background, but honestly before we go to work or anywhere else, we try to have a glimpse in the mirror to check how we look and what can we say about our fashion for a day.

Fashion is evolving, and so as our personal style. Just like my experience. Seven years ago, I like to wear jeans and polo shirt wherever I go. After that, I have been wearing mini office skirt, a blouse and cardigan. Then now, I cannot even imagine myself to wear those skirts again, that it was put in the most cornered part of my closet. Currently, I have been sporting midi to long dresses, and even so long that mostly reached my ankle and so much that a lot of people noticed, appreciated or mocked my personal style, I like the way it is. I like myself because I dress like that and it makes me happy. Then surely yes, fashion makes me happy.

Yet, whichever we choose to be and however we dress ourselves, we are thankful for brands that produces us outfits that best fit our choices, interests and yes, supports our happiness.

As for me, I prefer the style and cloth quality rather than the brand. Most of my clothes come from cheap online clothing stores. That is why I am happy that Wholesale 7 supports women around the globe on their fashion choices. offers wide selections of clothes whether you want a twinning outfits during holidays, fallmaxi or bodycon dresses or even wholesale plus size clothing.

What are your fashion choices? Do you have plans for your closet by 2021? Please share it down below.

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