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Going over 2020 outfits and inspo

What made me excited for the coming year is to discover more about myself – interests, hobbies to explore and adopt, passion — and fashion discoveries, because as I said our fashion same with time, also evolves.

I stated in my last two posts regarding how comforting to embrace your personal style because that is how you express yourself to the world without the need to say a word.

Before continuing this 3 of 3 posts for Fashion 2020 series, let’s go over some outfits I mustered to wear this 2020. I also included inspirations dresses that I found online. Yes, one fact about me is that when an hour feels dull, easy and plain, I look at Pinterest and search similar items through my phone’s Bixby Vision (Using this is a hack, promise!) or friends’ online shops for fashion inspo. It is a form of therapy for me and also helps me when I could finally able to visit shops, so that I would instantly know what kind I want for a clothing.



This is a selfie I took before attending a press club event. I wore a blouse and long skirt pair in light brown, which I bought separately in one of the malls here in Cagayan de Oro. This was the beginning of my long skirt peg at work.

This is taken during a day in the office being an office person. The dress I wore is Barbie dress in red and blue color. I like it because the design is so vintage, but the vibrant colors made the look lively.

My yearender post outfit on Instagram. I like it because it’s like a mermaid tail at first glance.



Photo from Google

This is a flora puff sleeve wrap around dress from Trytree 2020 Summer Dress Collection. I so love the piece when I saw it in a sale, but sadly missed to buy it at first. I went high and low to look for this dress online. I checked Lazada, Shopee and everything and finally not so long, I got one at a discounted price. I wore my thrift find during our Year-end Church Service.

Photo from Google

This is the result of me Bixby-ing most of the dull times. I love its puff sleeves (well, I always love puff sleeves) and ruffles at the bottom. I actually acquired similar dresses since I found this online but were not able to wear those and take photos. I will share it here when I finally can. But see, the inspo dress is so beautiful!

Indeed, fashion affects our mood in the background. Hence, I am so glad to share to you my new go-to website. I said it is a hack, but no need for Bixby Vision on the phone and browsing for hours to finally “add to cart” your fave style or blouse wholesale because Feelingirldress shop is just a click away.

Feelingirldress offers a wide variety of fashionable dresses, cheap cardigans, and outdoor shirts for all occasions. Whether you want a perfectly tailored blazer for a Zoom meeting, a Little Black Dress for an evening date or picnic-y outfit for your upcoming holiday or weekend trip, Feelingirldress got it covered. They even have a holiday sale still on!

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