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Fashion: Expression and Self-love

I have posted recently about my how I love fashion — Fashion as a representation of me and my personality, somewhat the same with those people who are into dressing their selves up.

Fashion as an Expression

I also mentioned that long ago, I was into short skirts, body con dresses mixed with cardigan, and the like. These are big no-no to me already. Perhaps because I changed over the years. I have changes in my perceptions, beliefs and ways to express myself. Maybe because I want to improve how I see myself. Then surely because I want to feel good about myself and develop a positive aura and I believe I respect myself more if I dress that way. Moreover, the way I dress may also depict how I want society view me. It is a way of telling them that this is who and how I am, though I am not truly afraid about the judgments, just because.

Fashion as a Form of Self-love

True and I am sure you would agree with me that 2020 is something that it marked its identity in the history, and I am thankful that 2021 is coming over to hopefully provide healing from all that happened. I am hopeful that 2021 is a year of hope and reset of 2020.

However, from all that happened, I have learned to value my peace, self-reliance and self-love. I suffered mental stress that made me realize how important it is to keep these three things and to put attention to myself, to always check how I am at the end of the day and to clear my mind before I sleep. Indeed, you cannot give the bestest of yourself to something that you want to achieve and to people you want to serve and give joy to if you are not in your best self. That is why I have learned to breakdown all the matters that affect how I feel about myself.

That self-love radiates even on your outside, reason that I have to stress fashion or dressing up to self-love. True, once a woman applies lipstick, she can make a better world. Good shoes will bring you places, and that same to dressing up. It is an involuntary form of support you will get when you decide to step up and face the whole world with you.

I always wanted to look good for what I wore. I always wished to not get problematic over not having a size for me because of my bottom body, but for now, that is still a wishful thinking for me though. Recently, I was struggling to put on dresses that I want because I am mostly bloated due to stress. Thanks Goodness, I found a kind of waist and thigh trainer plus size from Shapellx Official.

Shapellx Official has an inspiring words for us women, reminding us again to always nurture self-love. Their mission is helping women to declare, “WE ARE SHAPELLX. WE ARE STRONG, SEXY, AND UNSTOPPABLE.”

Shapellx is a forerunner for waist trainer for women and other related products. Shapellx even said it is the new way to love thy body, and seeks to help women rediscover their inner beauty. They provide premium collection of products and services. In their website, they said, “Fashion should be for everyone, no matter what age, shape or size you are. Striving for inclusivity, we make comfortable, trendy clothing that allows our customers to feel their best, all the time.” Indeed, a very positive declaration.

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