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I have been a fan of anything crafty, vintage, chic and fun! May it be watercolor painting, craft and arts materials, fashion, journals and instrumental music. It is my way of relaxing my mood. For example, if I know I would face another busy day that would fill pressure in my mind, I dress up with a mix of corporate and color of just going to the picnic. Sometimes if it would not be a big deal really and I will be simply doing the pile of office documents and do not have a meeting at all, I wear flat shoes, so that I would make everything tone down, that even it would be a day of trying to meet the deadline, anything will be possible if I would work emotionally calm. Alright, the things we do to comfort ourselves.

Dressing up has been so much fun when I started owning it to be part of my “Go, Boss Girl” routine.

Recently, I started investing on fashionable jewelries, for it adds flavor and authority to your look even of you have that going-to-picnic vibe on you. Okay, sometimes this fashion theme is challenging if you are heading to work. Thus, wearing jewelries would be a recommendation.

I have been admiring this rose pattern in rose gold-plated Titanium ring. I got this from, a lead among affordable jewelry brands here in the Philippines. They offer quality and affordable engagement and wedding rings, as well as necklaces and several others.

What made me decide to have this intricate rose-patterned ring?

Firstly, as what I have mentioned I am a digger of anything vintage, chic and fun. Its vintage color gives me an identity that my look would be really “me,” its vintage-y feature brings me back to the old times and at the same time puts highlight to any pastel-colored outfits (since I usually wear pastel-colored clothes). When I visited, I immediately searched for rose-gold affordable engagement rings and tadaaa, there it is, the Titanium Rose Pattern ring.

“The rose is quite a quintessential symbol of love, passion, and beauty that has ingrained itself to our culture. Zoey’s Rose Pattern in Rose Gold Plated Titanium Ring immortalizes all things that the rose stands for in a singular attractive accessory.”

Another is, it is a rose-designed ring. Yassss, really, its shape and design got me! The ring is actually an engagement ring, but the design made me feel like I cannot wait for a man to give me one! Haha. At one look, I felt like this ring is a lacking element of my everyday fashion at work.

Finally, when I browsed the website, the ring is on discount!

I am sure I would not stop on this one. I am still dreaming on that camila ribbon and infinity necklace, eternity rings, and Mickey ring too! So if you ask what I am into these days, I am randomly browsing Instagram account, for they regularly announce jewelries on sale in their IG! Imagine, jewelries are initially affordable, plus are on discount several times in a season. Such a hack, indeed!

In addition, they also pledge a lifetime replacement guarantee. For an instance, if you have any issue with your jewelry within the first three months, will replace it for free. After that, customer need to pay only the shipping and handling fee of Php 800.00 pesos.

Thus, if you plan to invest in jewelries, offers products that are affordable and high-quality. Aside from Titanium Rose Pattern ring I mentioned above, they also offer 925 Sterling Silver with Swarovski Crystals and Titanium Jewelry for everyday use. I tell you, they have many unique options from colored gemstone rings to Swarovski crystal rings to different selections of necklaces and other jewelries you could think of. Just browse on their website.

I am honestly very glad to share this experience with you. You do not usually see me wearing rings, maybe with earrings – I usually do, but imagine rediscovering for myself that there are new things I would surely love and can be part of me. And I discovered, I am part of those girly girls who has the smallest ring size! If you are 5, then we are the same.

Irene is a lifestyle and travel blogger from Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines. She is just one of your typical storytellers who appreciate the wonders of life. Most of the time, she seeks for a beautiful place and get lost in it.


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