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Having a Blogger Bestie (and some tips!)

Hello everyone! Here’s me, talking once again about my blogging journey. As all of you know, this blog has been one of my coping mechanism to keep me sane as I am battling with hustle and bustle in life. If you may wonder, I have the choice to just simply stop because yes, why should I prolong the lifestyle that stresses me? It is actually a kind of initial decision I made during my younger years. However, I came to the point of realization that I have to embrace this kind of life cycle because I believe each one of us has a mission to do while we are journeying in this world. Say it like this: why a soldier loves and perform his job so much that he indeed knows he will possibly die in the battle field? Why should a police go to a buy-bust operation when he knows 99% there would be a gun fight? Why should a government social worker go to remote areas when he is certain there are people in a community who strongly despise government? It is because he believes it is his mission.

Mine may be just a speck of what these heroes do, but all of us have something like this in our hearts. If you believe you are now at your strongest, then wait when circumstances challenge your faith in your mission. You will never realize how stronger you could be to fight for something that keep your life worth living.

Fine. There was so much I have talked about already.

Hence yes, instead of giving up, I find ways to keep me sane against all of my stress. One of the strongest shield that I have is Blogging.

First tip is what I mentioned above. Believe that in everything your heart wants to do, it is your mission. I have been blogging for ten years already. Perhaps, if I did not believe that I am meant to blog, then I may have stopped long time ago already. If you read my recent post in Facebook, I have been an online person since the beginning. I truly appreciated the discovery of Internet and thus, I make use of it more than browsing Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr, or watch Viu or Netflix and it is through blogging.

Second is to focus on your niche. Long time ago, I have been anxious because I cannot hit my blogging target. My blogpost list and my checklist were in conflict. I lost the goal of keeping a post timely and relevant. Thus, I decided to focus on my niche — Travel and Lifestyle. If I talk about Travel, I make a point that I should talk about a travelogue or personal experience, in order for me to provide a full honest review. Then, Lifestyle, which is very wide in scope. What I do is before I say Yes to an invite, I study about the brand and think on how I would write it in accordance to my niche, and what material I will be producing after, including social media posts, blog, video or audio snippets, cards and the like.

Third tip is to always leave room for improvement. I am truly grateful that I have a community that share similar passion with me. I began to improve my blog when I entered CDO Bloggers. This group is a pool of blogging and social media experts. Fortunate for me, I happen to acquire free consultancy from them.

Eventually, as I already mentioned in my previous posts, I ponder it is not just the blog that has grown over time but as well my knowledge and overall personality.

Finally and the most important tip that I can share is to have someone to help you in assessing your work. My blogger bestie, Johanns, has been doing this for so long she might not know. We have to admit that if is something you are into, you believe you already is the best in doing it. However, it is not right at some point. I appreciate that I kept corrected, in her indirect ways.

More than her taking my photos MOST of the time during blogging events, I appreciate her wisdom, inputs and personal support. Through the years, she already know me more than as a blogger but already a personal friend. I never saw it coming, You will never know where your passion will put you someday in your life. Most bloggers I know are intelligent. Intelligent people always give practical ideas and influence you in a way you would not imagine, in a way that will put you in a place you will be grateful for.

Today is by the way her birthday!

Ters, I might seldom mention it but I am grateful you stayed over the years. Your life choices and the way you make it sparkling inspire me to do better in my current life.

I hope you the best day of all days today as you celebrate your natals. Whatever your birthday wish is, it is as well my wish to God above to grant you this desire of your heart.

Love you! Keep shining! And don’t let anyone dull your sparkle.

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Irene is a lifestyle and travel blogger from Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines. She is just one of your typical storytellers who appreciate the wonders of life. Most of the time, she seeks for a beautiful place and get lost in it.


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