Jumegs, you’re another year older

Dear Jumegs. You are another year older. Lol. Aw.

Jumegs, today is your special day and I hope you are happy amid the COVID-19 situation.

I set the quarantine period to not miss any task. Even though some in my checklist reached the due already, it’s still fine. However, I got your birthday listed and since it is time-sensitive, I have to work on this, and now it is 2am. Lols.

I hope you are at your happiest in this age of your life. You have achieved so much already and for that, I am so proud of you.

Even though at times you feel like you are bringing the world, I hope you have seen more the blessings that you have.

Jumegs, you are highly favored and perfectly blessed, and loved by everyone. Not just because you are very hardworking. Not just because you love your family so much. Not just because you are selfless but because it’s you.

Thank you is not enough for all the things you have done, not only for me but to a lot of people. Your heart is so precious I could cry for again and again ponder how understanding you really are to the people you love. Sometimes, I cannot fathom how fierce. You love so much and too much, a thing I could not do still.

 I hope from this day on, you will always choose your happiness. That is all I wish.

Thank you so much for being a bestfriend of my life for years.

For listening to me when my heart was a mess.

For lending an ear when my work life was so stressful.

Now, that I am so much fine (that I am so grateful ever), I realized how much and heavy I cost you.

Thank you for being with me always.

Coverages. Do you remember when I asked you to stay with me for a free accommodation at Limketkai Luxe Hotel and 1A Express Hotel because who else would I bring to picture me? And you were so eager because all you care is the pool. The SophieRed. The MOSCATTTT? The Kave Restaurant and so much more!)

Trip to the waters. (Hopefully, there’s still next to our Surigao del Sur trip before you wear that shoes.)

Trip abroad!

Anywhere. Picture-taking. Eating. Or by even just walking around the plaza to pass time, talking everything under the sun or simply staying in your room talking, sometimes enjoying the silence. Or laughing. Crying. And laughing again. It’s crazy how beautiful our friendship is.

I now pondered our years ago, when we talked about our dreams and look, most of those are already here.

I am praying that you keep dreaming and soaring higher.

Jumegs, whichever you are planning in life, you know you always have my support.

Whatever it is that you want to tell a friend, you know I am just always here.


P.S. Pila na gani imo edad? Lol. Below is the video. In case you get bored, please just listen to the music and look at the photos. Hahaha. I cannot think more of nice ideas at dawn.

Irene is a lifestyle and travel blogger from Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines. She is just one of your typical storytellers who appreciate the wonders of life. Most of the time, she seeks for a beautiful place and get lost in it.

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