To our selfless manager

I was very sad these past few days. Perhaps, it is how you feel when someone so dear to you is retiring.

I am battling between big challenges I have to face at work and extra heavy emotions, that makes every single day a battleground ready to eat me out. Then, it is this friendship that highlights the meaning of every sacrifice that I am doing.

One friendship is with Ma’am Elaine, our Misamis Oriental government infocen manager.

Ma’am Elaine is someone who will fight for her family and loved ones no matter how much it would cost her.

She is a kind of leader who is very strict in every detail of the work, especially in time management, office rules and individual roles. However, she is the same sweet and loving to her colleagues that she all treat them as her own siblings. This is how I found a sister in her.

I saw her in one of her low points in life and how she managed it made me admire her more.

“Is that what love can do?” I asked her once, little bit irritated because over all my babble I just realized I do not have listener anymore, because she is talking to someone in the phone. I also saw her when she is in her Cloud 9 moment – her eyes sparkling, cheeks become rosy, and a smile more genuine because she found the love of her life, the reason she is retiring early.

I noticed when he came, Ma’am Elaine is so positive that negative things do not irk her anymore. That, I am happy.

Ma’am, please know I am sad these days.

But please also know that I am the happiest. Perhaps, this is when you picture a person during her rainy days and this picture etched something in your memory, that seeing her happy is the most beautiful thing.

Ma’am, I thank you for all the overnights that we spent together in our Luna and H Building offices. You saw me when I was at my lowest and lend a hand through accompanying me when you do not need to. You always knew I was afraid being alone.

Thank you for the date nights.

Thank you for patiently taking my OOTD photos.

For allowing me to use your phone.

For letting me finish the food. Haha.

Thank you for your words of wisdom that cut sometimes. Hehe.

Thank you for frankly telling me that I was wrong.

For letting me know I should face painful truths, when I have to.

Thank you for standing up for me, even if you do not noticed.

This is not a goodbye because we still have 2 things to work together in July and September. Hehe.

I promise to save for my plane ticket, to be able to come to our Europe trip in year/s to come. Hehe.

Ma’am, wherever I go. I will always remember the good (and frank) things I gained from you.

See you around, Ma’am. Love love and happy retirement to you.

Irene is a lifestyle and travel blogger from Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines. She is just one of your typical storytellers who appreciate the wonders of life. Most of the time, she seeks for a beautiful place and get lost in it.


  • Elaine Ratunil

    Hi I. I realized how my kilay looks like looking at the photos. It’s nice to look back memories.

    I thank you for this affirming that I am human too toink (pakatawa lang)

    Continue to inspire others with your stories.

    Mega lablab

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