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Beautiful stopovers in Claveria town

During a particular weekend in February, I was sent out to attend an important occasion in Claveria, Misamis Oriental. It is specifically held in Cebu Pacific Shrine, the historic and symbolic place for Cebu Pacific 387 Flight crash.

This is taken at the back part of the shrine.

It was a busy morning, but I did not expect that my way home will become different. Claveria’s stop-over places entice to come over and take photos, not to mention that their surroundings are picturesque, chilly and cool, and offers an amazing background of rich mountains and greens, making everything beautiful and instagrammable.

First one is the Rose Farm we found along the highway. I actually had the experience to take picture in another Rose Farm in Mati village of this town, but that was fast because we were on our way to Gingoog for an event. This time I was able to savor the moment and admire the several pink roses.

I heard there is this new attraction in Claveria town. It is called the View Deck. Though to mention, it is already complete today and more beautiful (I might provide my own picture of it below soon). The day we went there is exactly the day prior to the soft-opening. What a timing! LOLs. The floral “municipal seal” of Claveria is completely not yet visible during our visit. Realizing this made me want to be back in this place.

I also dropped by the new municipal hall of Claveria, “People’s Palace,” as they call it. They have a “Candy Land” themed park in front, as part of the celebration they made just recently. I am not sure, but I think it’s for December season or for their fiesta. Obviously, it is already February during my visit, thus, some decorations were lacking already but those are still colorful and lively, as the same. They also started dressing their place up for February’s Valentines Day, reason we had the opportunity to take pictures with their cut-out heart decorations. Guys, see what our gram can make us! It encouraged to appreciate both big and little things. For this experience, from View Deck to this heart cut-outs. LOL.

Thereafter all our strolls, we went back to the van and hassled straight home. I even did not noticed that we passed by Jacos Stop-over, the place I always wanted to drop by, but always missed, really. Anyways, always think that in times like that, circumstance gives another reason to go back! Haha. Ugggh.

That was only a half-day trip, but it meant so much. I remember, my friends and I conversed in the van and talked about the wonder of this side of the province. We wonder how it feels to live in this beautiful place where its coolness will simply wipe the burden we had from our entire day’s encounter. Years ago, I imagined to myself what if I simply lived in the place like Claveria, a place which is like my old Sitio Alog in Jasaan, my hometown, where if not all, most things are uncomplicated. You just wake up to the chirping of the birds, live easy in a day, come home to a good cooking and sleep by night seeing the little torches of fireflies. It must be the most beautiful. I know in my latter life, I would come home to this, to this home my parents first set me and it would be beautiful.

Claveria, similar to my home, is a soothing paradise I learned to love from my personal experiences, from stories of my friends who lived here and people who have been in this town. In the future, I find myself coming back to this place, not just to witness its development, but to once again reminisce the good memories and experience the tranquility, healing and peace it brought me.

Irene is a lifestyle and travel blogger from Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines. She is just one of your typical storytellers who appreciate the wonders of life. Most of the time, she seeks for a beautiful place and get lost in it.

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