Catching up in Cebu

I believe that traveling heals a burnt out soul, reason that I have learned to heal myself through this. Having a plane ride gives me an idea that I am temporarily leaving the serious life behind. Physically going up, up and away gives me excitement. Sometime in 2018, I saw myself transcending again in Cebu. It is my third time in Cebu already but that was no similar to those trips because it was my first time to travel by myself. When I thought everything is uncertain because of flying alone, I felt a happy heart and free soul in me.

The first day is somewhat a long day for me. I arrived at noontime, plus my college friend Aiko was jammed in the traffic due to a vehicular accident occurring in Mandaue. Thus, I waited for almost an hour in Mactan airport, until she arrived with a hug. Aiko never changed. Our stories seemed like just a continuation of our last conversation three years prior that time and I am so happy how she has grown over her life experiences and learning.

Aiko fetched me and we rode the SM bus, a kind similar with Singapore buses (which when I rode one in SG, it is not really a new thing for me because of this Cebu experience). I heard once from Ms. Ivy (PR and Communications Manager of SM) that this is coming to Cagayan de Oro. Hopeful that this will happen because aside from it is another upgrade for CDO transportation system, a lot of people can benefit, like me, I am commuting from downtown CDO to uptown. Hence, it really helps a lot.

We took our lunch in SM City, then took another bus going to SM Seaside City, the first in my itinerary.

While on the way, we met our college instructor and program coordinator, Ma’am Anj (a.k.a our Momma Bear! <3). She messaged me she is in Cebu the same day that I will be there and invited me to come with her in the Hello Kitty Café, which is sadly already close that time we visited the place.

We arrived and went around the mall, took photos on the famous “The Cube,” eaten in their resto and then, in the instagrammable café up in their topview area. The place is so beautiful, we can clearly see the mountain area of Cebu. I think these days, that was the mountain side Kryz Uy and Slater Young are living now. Hehe. During our field trip back in college, our tour guide pointed for us the house of “PBB (Pinoy Big Brother, a television program of ABS-CBN) Big Winner” Slater Young, the season which just finished on that year or earlier.

My conversation with Ma’am Anj is my highlight of the day. I took a lot of insights and inspiration. The talk is meaningful and so timely for my life season. Indeed, in the days where you are so bothered and down, and uninspired, God makes a way and send His angels to give His message word for word to us. In my case, Ma’am Anj is the living angel, and I forever thank God. There are times a person unconsciously know he is saving a life in times he thinks are just normal encounters.

After some activities and catching up that I and Ma’am Anj shared, we patiently lined up for the taxi, bid sweet goodbyes and went home to our places.

My night went long. I found out my place was not successfully booked for the night. Thus, at 10pm, I decided to pursue the hotel I booked supposedly for the second day only.

I arrived at the hotel safely. The room is too big for me, but maybe because I am used to travel at work, I did’t mind if I am alone as long as the television is on. I also thought that it is time for me to be alone, to think less, reflect more, breathe in and out and rest.

I tried vlogging on that day, but to no avail. Haha. Confidence is 10% only. I stayed at Cebu Grand Hotel, by the way.

I woke up early on the second day and Aiko met me during the breakfast. I love buffet breakfast in hotels because of a lot of options. I took a heavy one because my Day 2 is jampacked. I was set to visit The Tops in Busay, Sirao Garden and Temple of Leah.

Temple of Leah

The temple built out of love. It is made in honor to someone’s love of life.

It was on an upgrade when we entered the vicinity, reason we failed to get inside. However, we still took photos around for those are also interesting.


The Tops in Busay, Cebu

Me to the people sa likod: “Okay, kayo na ang may lovelife ha. Kayo na.: 😀

Sirao Pictorial Garden

In the mid afternoon, I asked Aiko to drop me at JY Square Mall. I took my lunch and roamed around. It is the same mall we visited years before, though there are already changes. The shop we visited once is not there anymore.

I took a jeepney going back to the hotel. I rested a bit and went to Ayala Center Cebu to take my dinner. I once again dropped by their iconic garden area which my The Trailblazer friends and I had pictorials two years before when we visited Cebu for a Benchmarking Activity in Southwestern University and Cebu Institute of Technology.

I rode a taxi going back to my place. I was confident to commute alone; Cebu is one of the safest cities in the country and I trust that. I got in my place sharp 8pm, then I went to the pool to swim. I am always grateful for a night swim since it is relaxing of all. Plus, in the pool area, there is a family having their last activity of the day and kids are in the pool. I thought it was nice, because I feel safer with people around the waters.

I attended a beautiful wedding the day after, and I am so glad I was still fresh even after having a lot to do in the past few days prior the wedding day.

My travel in Cebu built more strength, motivation and confidence in me. It is an experience that taught me to never be afraid of exploring all by yourself. I am no longer afraid to travel alone compared before, as long as I bring more than the trip’s budget proposal and I have mobile app installed for easy commuting. I thank the heavens for these modern inventions because it made my traveling life easier, more comfortable and safer. Hehe. After that travel, I went to a 3-day trip in Davao alone and even confident to be left behind in Changi Airport because my flight has four-hour difference with the booked flight-back-home of my friends. Indeed, there’s more in one travel experience.

Irene is a lifestyle and travel blogger from Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines. She is just one of your typical storytellers who appreciate the wonders of life. Most of the time, she seeks for a beautiful place and get lost in it.

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