Night Tour feat. Singapore Flyer and The Merlion

Right after Gardens by the Bay, we went back to the hotel for a little rest. And to mention, I made the longest walk I had in my entire life from Marina Bay Sands Hotel to the bus station.

Thereafter, we proceeded to the night tour that we booked back in the airport. We again made two bus rides and met Mr. Senator Wong, our tour guide. We learned he is a lecturer in the University of Singapore. He introduced us to little fun facts about Singapore, including history and its people while touring around.

He first escorted us to the Spectra. It is the famous Water and Light Show of Singapore held in the Marina Bay. It is also a choreographed fountains, lava and mist effects and an orchestral soundtrack. It displays amazing colors and water movements and forms images. Lots of people, tourists and residents alike, crowded at the Bay Area just to watched this show.

It was actually raining when we visited the place, thus there are figures we sadly cannot see because of rain shower, just like that little red flower form on the side. It should have formed as something like this photo, I borrowed from

Second, we went inside The Shoppes, a luxury mall. Along the way, we saw kids – all carry skateboards! I did not know this is a trend in Singapore.

We also passed by the Louis Vuitton store which apparently formed like a diamond. Aside from that, we also passed by Singapore’s Art and Science Museum. It is sad we cannot book tour along these places, including the Little India and others because of limited time. However, again, my friend Vida reminded that we can always decide to go back (Mayaman si Madam!)

Inside The Shoppes, we were usherred by Mr. Wong to the Digital Light Canvas. It is a big circle in the floor brought about the light above it.

It displays lots of elements, in our case, are fishes which made it a seemed gigantic aquarium in the floor. And when it would be touched or stepped on, the fishes will unbelievable move away. I saw the same, though smaller when compared, during my visit in the Museum of Natural History. According to Mr. Wong, the Spectra, this Light Canvas, The Helix Bridge (which shows DNA symbols in its pathways) and the attractions inside the Art and Science Museum which show the same as this (I saw the highlights of ArtSci Museum once in a video uploaded by Cebu Pacific in Facebook), are creations that depict what Singapore can do, and its capability in mixing Science and Art and turning it more than just an entertainment.

Moreover, while discussing things about Singapore, we went through The Helix Bridge which is made steel and as I mentioned, DNA symbols are engraved in its floors. The bridge connects Marina Bay Area to Marina South. Speaking of the bay, we learned from Mr. Wong that Singapore was a fishing village in its old time. Its development and modernization came after it stood out after being washed out by calamity, adopt intelligent strategies and eventually shone, coming out at par with other countries, even providing jobs to those individuals who want to explore abroad life, such as us Filipinos. To mention, I met a lot of Pinoys along the way – in Changi, bus stations, trains, parks, in Universal and even in GBTB. SG is truly a go-to country for thrill-seeker Pinoys!

This is another attraction we saw inside Marina Bay Shoppes.

Moreover, Mr. Wong shared that Singapore believe that development is more achievable when a country has more land, thus they bought sands from other countries and turned part of their sea into land which made up the Marina Bay Area and most of Singapore business districts, and what was left on the sea was turned into a reservoir which supplies water to the people.

Moving over with the tour, we walked towards the Singapore Flyer (Flyer 360 Plus) after taking pictures in the Esplanade, which gave us the night view of ArtSci Museum, Singapore Flyer, The Helix Bridge and Marina Bay Sands Hotel.

I thought Singapore Flyer is another horror ride but truly, it is an observation deck. Everyone, it is the World’s Largest Observation Deck, surpassing even London’s Wheel. For some reasons, according to Mr. Wong, some companies book the Flyer for meetings. Maybe because it is like a big function room that revolves 360 degrees for 30 minutes.

Further, we went our way to The Merlion after 30 minutes of exclaiming “wows” and “woooahs” inside the Flyer 360 Plus. We walked again the Jubilee Bridge which I think aside of course, from eye-popping city lights at night, is as well amazing when visited during day time, as more pictures of this area I saw online are taken when the sun is up. I guess, this is another reason to come back!

This is the iconic Merlion. “Mer” means sea and “-lion” because Singapore is the The Lion City (which has a funny story because the one who called them this really saw a tiger, not a lion). The fish part of this mythical creature tells about Singapore’s history. In the earlier times, Singapore is a fishing village. Again, large part of this country is a sea. It is made into a solid land and the rest became a reservoir.

After strolling around and talking to a fellow Filipino asking for directions, we went to one of their famous Hawker Centres to eat late dinner. It was a sumptuous dinner I enjoyed so much sans picture taking, because my camera ran out of battery already, but well.

Singapore is indeed something. I forever thank the God Almighty for this trip. I will save for more and come back in this beautiful country that feed so much awakening in me. How it was built is a result of years of researches, strategies and even risks and look, where it is now – a forerunner in different fields, and I reflect that it should also be us – we should thrive for more learning, adopt intelligent strategies and sometimes take risks to develop ourselves and be more of what we are.

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