Gardens by the Bay and MBS

Day three highlights our trip to Gardens by the Bay Singapore, the Facebook 2015 Year in Review Top 20 Most Checked in Places in the World. We booked it through Klook where the rate is much cheaper than buying it over the counter.

We got used to our bus detours, being a little lost and glad that we still make it before the attraction opens. Our first stop is of course, the Marina Bay Sands Hotel, famous for its amazing structure. To describe, it seemed made of three hotel buildings with a cruise above of them three. I more learned about it after I watched the Crazy Rich Asian hit movie. How it looked so much amazing when you see it personally.

Apparently, I was the photographer of the group that morning that I forgot I do not have photo with it but anyways.

We went through the Dragonfly Bridge and realized photos are better taken in this area.

After some photos, we made it to Gardens by the Bay, which has 26 attractions. There are so many to cover in a day, so we decided to visit the key attractions before going to some more.

We went straight to Heritage Gardens. It composed the 4 other gardens of GBTG specifically Indian Garden, Chinese, Malay and Colonial Gardens.

Next is the Flower Dome. It is the World’s Largest Glass Greenhouse, listed in the Guinness World Records 2015.

The Flower Dome features thousand-year-old olive trees, unusual Baobabs of the cool-dry Mediterranean and subtropical regions and floral display. It houses 30,000 plants of over 150 species in 9 different gardens from 5 continents of the world namely, Australia, America, Africa, Asia and Europe. These 9 gardens are Olive Grove, Californian, South American, South African, Australian, Mediterranean, The Baobabs and Succulent Garden and the ever changing Flower Field which reflects different seasons, festivals and themes.

We took our lunch in this Mcdonalds, and thankfully I was able to eat food that is friendly to my tastes. Day with no rice is honestly a challenge!

We saw the Supertrees and OCBC Skyway while we’re on our way to the Cloud Forest. I learned they are most attractive at night. Garden Rhapsody happen for an hour from 7:45pm up, displaying beautiful lights and musical effects.

Thereafter, we visited the Cloud Forest and checked the famous waterfall out of our bucket list. The Falls of Cloud Forest is the world’s tallest indoor man-made waterfall which stands at 35-metre and descend through the surreal mist-filled Cloud Walk and Treetop Walk. At first, I really thought that its only attraction is The Falls because it is what I mostly see in the internet but surprisingly, the majestic man-made waterfall and its mountain behind it composed of several gardens inside it. We explored the highlands of orchids, pitcher plants and ferns of cool-moist Tropical Montane region. We also went to the Lost World, Secret Garden, Cloud Walk, Tree Top Walk, and Children’s Garden.

The Lost World.

Photo taken while on the Treetop.

That is the Cloud Walk. The bridge is a net-like. Thus, you can see the scenario below, and at the same time, gives chills especially if you have fear of heights.

Crystal Mountain.

The Secret Garden.

This visit to Marina Bay Sands Hotel and GBTB made me appreciate more about the resourcefulness of Singapore residents, like how can they turn a hotel, even a garden into worldwide destination. Some of the flowers I saw there are also being found here in our country, just maybe developing and beautifying it like Singapore did may not be just our priority. In Singapore, they made it their strength and created something new out from it and they did it in an amazing way. Indeed, going there all worth the hundreds steps I had from walking to and fro and around Gardens by the Bay.

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