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Just Hello No. 11: First train ride

Hello everyone! It’s been long. How are you? It feels heartwarming to write back here in the blog after months of hustle and bustle. Thus, here’s me giving you life update.

I am thirsty of adventure that I booked an international trip. It is a sudden decision that I was so doubtful if my Foreign Travel Order will be released given the short period of time. Days from now, I may start posting photos about our Singapore trip here in the site. I hope time will permit. It is my first travel abroad and I am so glad I had it with friends used to travel, the less the hustle. We walked a lot in there, rushed for schedules, and hopped on bus and train rides. Exposure in the place made me appreciate Art and Science and Technology more. Singapore transportation system is amazing, and also thanks to travel apps, we survived! Lol.

Moreover, little changes, a few heartaches and hardships and lessons I have gained for time passed. Honestly, I am so sad these past few days. There are instances I want to give up with my job because every single thing in it just collide with another and I feel so alone going through it all, suffocating me. There are times I do not see any good with what I am doing anymore because of the amount of tasks and diversed personalities I have to deal with daily. I mean, it is part of this work but all that I am going through already make me guilty to have even a little rest. I know it is not good anymore, and so this kind of thinking, but I honestly cannot help it. I am praying for miracles and hoping things will get done and reports will be accomplished, so that I can breathe already. I am also praying for strength and wisdom, so that accomplishing these all will be possible.

I did not know how strong I can be and at the same time numb as feeling-less until I was on my worst state. However, sans these, I would not realize I could have this trust and faith. I truly believe God is true to His promises and is currently at work to fix everything.

I am posting this to let you know the reasons of my little hiatus and emotional posts. After all, in this blog, I can be human that I am. Sometimes, social media is just overwhelming because you know, it is honestly each one’s highlight reel. Hence, audience should never be deceived by it.

I hope you are doing great, friends. Let us all travel our daily life with positivity and light. In the following months, I hope I could post regularly with some nicer topics than my rants (Haha!). I realized I have to be as well faithful to this online life because it is a dynamic tool that pushes me to be more positive, passionate and adventurous. I am highlighting “more” here because we can still be positive, passionate and adventurous people, living life to the fullest, without posting in social media, blog or anything. It is just being an inspiration to others is something that can save us when we think so much about life. Honestly, guys, having this blog and watch it grow little by little add days to my life, that when I feel like I wanna escape from everything, I think about those few but great people who read my posts, and eventually remind me that I have to be true to myself and to everything that I am saying.

Hence, yeah. Back to posting regular and “normal” posts, I will be honest. Months ago, I have listed more than 5 topics because I had event coverages, product review invites and a few out-of-town trips including the mini trip to the Claveria town for the coverage of the commemoration of Cebu Pac Flight 387 Crash, an event of Happy Earth Store – an environment-friendly store in Cagayan de Oro and the one that I missed from the last time’s travel, the Iloilo Foodie List. However, you see, things just happen and get in between, and so – those (and some more topics added) are still remarked pending until now. Huhu, my apologies.

Let me end this post with a quote of courage and strength – from my fave Danielle Steel – which happen to be a caption to one of my Instagram photos: “If you can see the magic in a fairytale, you can face the future.”

Irene is a lifestyle and travel blogger from Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines. She is just one of your typical storytellers who appreciate the wonders of life. Most of the time, she seeks for a beautiful place and get lost in it.

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