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The same to other girls who are very concerned with both cleanliness and disinfection, I feel that it is very important to assess the procedures we make with anything that involves our body. May it be the kind of products we use for our hair, because there is a possibility that such chemicals will damage our roots or irritate the skin. May it be with toner we apply every night, that we have to make sure it complements our skin type. It can be also the kind of vitamins we take, if it gives us what we really need in our body. These are just a few examples and perhaps small but important details that we have to keep in mind.

Similarly with grooming, shaving through razors can be helpful and easy but are we sure that it keeps our skin healthy and really neat?

Shaving makes use of a blade to cut the visible hair shaft, which means it doesn’t remove the hair from the root. Even a good, brand new razor can only cut very close to the skin’s surface. This is definitely not good for your skin, it harms it instead and worse, it is possible your skin will cut once this tool is misused. Moreover, it is not a full work done for shaving since there are hard to reach areas, which will more likely result in nicks and scratches.

These are the reasons why I highly recommend the efficacy of waxing. It is effortless for you, looks forward for clean and healthier skin and covers all skin areas, making you feel good and look extra! That’s what Hey Sugar Waxing Salon can do for you.

I already switched to Hey Sugar. If there was ever a better time for you to make the switch, this is it! Hey Sugar can exfoliate your skin, and pull hair from the root so you get longer lasting effects.


National Hair Free Day

I am also happy to announce that this coming Tuesday, November 27 from 11am – 3pm, Hey Sugar Waxing Salon will be celebrating the National Hair Free Day. In this special event, they will be treating us for a FREE Underarm Waxing or Eyebrow Threading service! Yes, you read that right! For free!

In Cagayan de Oro City, Hey Sugar can be found at 2nd Floor of Centrio Mall. See photos below of my mini salon tour held just recently.

Hence friends, see you?

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