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I know this post is kind of out of season. LOL. However, I believe every post conveys meaning perhaps on a particular person, just like a very ordinary statement from a storyteller, that one day, it will land in Brain Quote website where most IG and Facebook people copies quotes of inspiration and motivation.

I believe there are times, we all come to a point in our lives where everything goes ordinary. Meaning, the surrounding is gray, the path is plain, the table is flower-less and the wall looks old and dull.

In so many weeks you did not see me nor hear my thoughts clearly in social media, I have had lots of encounter that made my eyes open more for happy and hard realities; encounters that kept me awake to the fact that I should live in the moment – not in my dreams that are yet to be fulfilled, not with my planner and checklist, not with tomorrow, not with entities that do not exist yet and much more, not in a past that is has been long over.

I told myself to look forward to the blessings of a new day.

My big and little things are what I look forward to, and somehow it makes me happy that little by little, these things make me a whole of person that I am aiming of daily in my life.

I look forward to my family. They have been my inspiration in my whole life and I realize that when I was so busy building myself, along with it is maintaining my relationship with them. They are my love, that no matter what comes in my life, I have people to come home to.

I see myself blessed for having these people. I see you’re right. I seldom post about them in my social media posts. However, I believe to the ideology that entities who matter to a person the most, they are firmly protected and most respected of, in all aspects.

I look forward to another busy day. There are mornings I ask myself, “Why am I probably doing this to myself?” “Why I make myself suffer so much when I can even leave?” “Why should not I sleep more?”

I admit, these are my usual morning rants.

There was a time I encountered so much difficulty in my job, and then I realized, what happen to me if I leave? I found myself begging the heavens for another chance and I promised, I will do better. My everyday job is my bread and butter. Aside from that, it is the source of my growth mentally and emotionally. I am convincing myself that what I always feel is constructive. There are times I cry because I could not do more already, but I always end up deciding to look at the brighter side and remind myself that I am blessed for giving this chance to work in a very complex but life-changing job.

I look forward to my dates with friends. I may not be the most lovable person in this world who luckily picked the most perfect guy, but boy, I have supportive friends. It is true. It is true that in times I feel like I cannot do it anymore, I have them. I just realized how fortunate I am to know them.

They are not the kind of friends who solve your problem, but they are the ones who go through it with you. I love it that they do not have the kind of drama that I have, which basically heals me every time.

Another thing that I look forward to is Heart Evangelista’s website. I didn’t mention it even for once but she and Anne Curtis-Smith are my girl crushes. True. I have this kind of fanatic side still, until now. These days, Heart is so busy with fashion week gatherings, and I really find her website a dream for me. I remember my nights at the dorm where I thought I was so alone, her contents are what kept me going. Unbelievable it may seem that I was even surprised with my own thinking. It is amazing, isn’t it? That people from afar and who personally do not know could cause you this kind of inspiration?

To the both, thank you.

I look forward to discover new places. My most important assignments honestly stop me from traveling far places. No, scratch that. Much more are resources because I am practically trying to be an adult already. LOL. I am training myself of saving. I am still attracted to the displays in the mall, and even sticky notes in supplies store even I still have one bag of it but hey, I believe I’ll get there. (Hehe.)

However yes, this or next month, I am excited to see another place and I am trying to keep it with myself, in order not to spoil it. Crossing my fingers for an approved VL and a holiday with no special duty. (Huhu.)

I look forward to BLOGGING MORE. Yeah, you read it right. I just renewed this website and thankfully it once again contracted to work for another year, which means more stories from me. I have so much pending articles in my planner, and I cannot believe I have a number of calendared events in the next few months (which by the way I hope I could go). I am praying everything goes pretty well and smooth for me.

Blogging. Yes. I never really got away from writing. To tell you the truth, when times I get busy that hinders me to write or blog, I just found myself typing in my phone’s notes while on the bus, or on the jeep or before going to sleep. This thing is not really a work for me, but a kind of healing method, and a re-condition strategy for a tired mind and physical being. I am so, so grateful I have a job that do not write articles so much. Yes, because through this, I would not take writing for granted but rather perceive it as my beloved property, that when I look in it, I see a home that happily opens when I arrive into it. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why writing is not destined to be really a job for me, because it is my beautiful thing and it should not be forced for but rather to make it meaningful, it has to be brainstormed about, crafted with a heart and finished with inspiration.

Back to Blogging, I have a lot of topics left unwritten here because of my limited storage on the past months. (But do not worry, self. Again, you will get in there. LOL.) I just have to work on this more, I hope I will be given enough time, though my hours in a day are really not enough to finish my very important tasks at work.

I think that’s all that I can share for tonight. I still have more tasks to do, even I suffered from my commute earlier. Huhu, hopefully not again.

Thank you for giving this another rant a chance. If you have comments, please do not hesitate to put it below. Good night. <3

Photos taken during our mini trip in Davao.

Irene is a lifestyle and travel blogger from Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines. She is just one of your typical storytellers who appreciate the wonders of life. Most of the time, she seeks for a beautiful place and get lost in it.

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