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Product Review: Belo Intensive Whitening BB Cream

I was so loyal to a certain product until I saw Belo Intensive Whitening BB Cream available at Sample Room PH. So, I put it in my cart instantly and after a few days, Sample Room parcel arrived at my doorstep.

I was so attracted with its orange and white silky packaging. The container is easy to open and also so light in my bag.

The first time I used Belo BB Cream, my face feels so light and cool. Though it is a cream, it seemed like after my skin absorbed its substance, the product magically transformed into a powder! I like how it feel on face – so smooth and clean that even exposed to sunlight, my face stay radiant.

More days passed and I realized my face is getting lighter and for someone like me having an oily and sensitive skin, it looked healthy. Thus, I pondered Belo truly protected my face from harmful sun rays, for a fact that I am always on the field for work.

Happy to note my first Belo BB Cream lasted for months and I did not hesitate to buy another bottle. This BB Cream is a keeper!

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