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Points to consider before you say “yes” and buy that engagement ring

They say when someone is so dear to you, you take gestures of love to another level – like the usual, buying gifts. May not it be as costly as how precious your love is (because of course, I so much agree no amount can tantamount our emotion towards our loved one), but for us it must be meaningful and says so much how we feel or perceive him or her as an important element and human being in our lives.

Hence, when you find that special someone and decide level up things, nothing says commitment like a diamond engagement ring. Usual as it sounds, but giving a engagement ring as symbol of engagement and commitment is a tradition for many years and it is still custom that is still being followed by folks until today.

BBBGem Morganite Ring

If you are thinking about popping the question and proposing to the one you love, there are a few important things you should know before you buy that moonstone, morganite, opal or diamond engagement ring.

1. Buying an engagement ring is not quite as simple as one thinks. Most guys assume that they will simply go to the local jewelry store and buy an engagement ring that looks nice and fits within their budget. Unfortunately, it is rarely that easy.

Diamonds, for example, come in a variety of sizes and cuts. As you choose a ring, expect that you going to encounter several important decisions. If you opt a high quality diamond, you might have to sacrifice on the size, or pay a whole lot more. Aside from that, you will also have to decide whether you want a classic white diamond or a colored diamond. Colored diamonds have become very popular in the past few years and many ladies love a pink diamond or even an elegant black diamond as an alternative to the more traditional engagement rings.

BBBGem Opal Ring

2. In investing an engagement ring, you will also need to consider what kind of wedding band you plan to give your future bride.

Most of the time, engagement rings and wedding bands are sold in sets. You can buy a simple wedding band, but it might not match the setting of the engagement ring, so it is risky to purchase the rings separately. I recommend and it is a best choice to buy both rings at the same time. You can choose a band that fits the engagement ring perfectly, completing the look and thrilling your bride-to-be.

3. Finally, consider personalizing the engagement ring with engraving or design.

Most jewellers will provide you options like engraving special date or phrase on your wedding band. This might be the date you plan to propose or the date when you first met. Other than that, you could also choose a simple word that carries special meaning, such as “forever” or “eternal” that signifies your commitment of loving each other, ’till death do you part.

BBBGem Moonstone Ring

If you decide to purchase engagement ring, do your research, so as for you to know what kind of investment you are going to jump on and if it worth the jumping on. Most especially to the jeweller you are going to choose and trust. By putting some careful thought into this special purchase, you will ensure the quality. It may or may not the most precious or costly one you will ever have to give but you know you are at ease and happy, that when you make the proposal to your one true love, you can make her smile both of your question and your special gift to her.

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