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Flounce Top I like from Rosegal

Hello everyone! How are you? How it is nice to talk to you once again through this blog. I hope you are all doing fine right now on where you are, on what you are busy of and living the life you ought to live. Yes! I am telling that to you because I keep on being positive these days and I feel like spreading to you all this kind of positivity.

So much for that, the result of my bright mood right now made me a little bit burdened. Ha! Most girls out there reading this blog would agree. Hehe. Shopping is every girl’s favorite and at the same time, weak spot – most especially during payday. LOL.

During my shopping, I roamed around Rosegal site,, to find a color black outfit which we need for the following week’s event, and I am so much thankful that with, shopping with things you need is a no problemo! One slide, one click and another click, then confirm, then finally, there you go. In just few days, you already have the item. No hassle, in reality.

What I love about my recent browsing at is I was able to find out all I have in mind about the top I believe I should get, or the kind of dress I should choose if ever I prefer to just have a black dress for the event. There are a lot of options to choose from. It is just important for us to know our size, so that we can select with our right size.

So, I chose this black – and white top. (More of this at their online shop!) These days, jeans is my friend because it is so comfortable to wear in any events. Even you go to the grocery stores, pay bills at counters, provide coverages for your blog or even just strolling around, it is just so much easy to wear pants. Aside from that, you can pair it with anything and more beautifully with this flounce top I chose. Having a pair of jeans and with black color top, you feel a lot more with yourself – a lot more of comfort and confidence.

Rosegal’s Flounce Top at 17.71$

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