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Shine bright like a diamond with Zaful jewelries

I am not a kind of person who is into jewelries. Even then some oldies said that it is woman’s bestfriend. The reason is there are times I bring myself to places where wearing shiny jewelries is not recommendable for safety reasons, such as going to the field to accomplish a task.

But I am not saying I hate wearing ones. In fact for formal occasions, no matter how simple your gown or formal or cocktail dress may be, your jewelry from your earrings to your bracelets, it will save you from super simplicity, and instead light a bit of spark of your entire figure. Just like for me, when I go to the office, my danglings keep me confident (Well aside of course of my red lippie!). It make me more complete. Well, also thank you to my online shops including for their colorful picks. For this month alone, I purchased all of my earrings online, because it is just easy for me to select the color I desire, the design. Plus, my PayPal is so friendly to me these past few days, it would connect easily unlike months before. I got my with-tassels designs earrings, the Tropicana and Marbleous earrings of February, and so much more.

So much for that, I decided to share again with you my picks for fashion jewelry available online. Hehe. I know you observed in my last two posts about my formal dresses, then summer outfits, then now, jewelries purchased online. It is because I was a little bit lazy the past weeks, my online shops saved me from all the cues and purchasing regrets because might be the other one must be cuter than what I lined up for. Admit it or not, there are times in your woman life that you regret buying an item because you realized the first one you opt for fits better or would look better. As for online, I have learned you might could cancel items as long as it was not paid for or shipped yet. Just like my transaction last week. I realized that I have double clicked an item for order and have purchased two of the same kind all in all. It stressed me, then I tried to e-mail the online store. Thankful they are so responsive! So there, I cancelled the one item and paid for only one instead.

So going back to jewelries, below are my picks I know you would love to. These are unique earrings, women’s rings and oval sunglasses available at

Circle Tassel Hoop Earrings



Marble Oversized Mirrored Sunglasses


Faux Gem Circle Geometric Finger Ring Set



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