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Feel it again in Camiguin

The last time I went to Camiguin, it’s for a travel work. I even documented the first one here where a particular government agency close to my heart gave the media a little bit of circumferential tour at the Island.

I love how Camiguin is so physically ‘un-touched’ in a sense that what you left there, you will experience it once again. I love how people protected their home. I love how they jump up with time with enough elegance on their resorts and other places, it is so difficult to leave.

Last year, we went there to breathe from all the stress, and I enjoyed it very much! Here’s the photos I took while we’re there.

First on the first day, we went to Walkway to the Old Volcano and Old Church Ruins (in Catarman, Camiguin). In the latter, it is here you could also find a Centennial Tree. I was also amazed that due to tourist influx, residents have become more creative. Kids, for example, could do a creative picture of you. If you’re generous enough, you could pay them an amount. That’s why it’s really fine to have a solo trip in here.

Okay, I am so dramatic in my first few photos. LOL.

Dried Squid tastes so good with Camiguin-produced vinegar.

Next, we went to The Sunken Cemetery. It is famous during Lenten Season. Stories say that this old cemetery sink due to a volcanic eruption which is scientifically supported as Camiguin is an Island Born Out of Fire. It has a lot of volcanoes. In fact, it is made from these.

The next destination that we visited is the beautiful Mantigue Island Nature Park. It is composed of white sands and surrounded by blue-green, pristine water. The beauty is just so majestic no word is enough to describe it. I was also “No Words” when I went there!

Inside it is also a man-made forest. Going inside it, you could use its new walkway made of wood (When we went there, the mayor is also present that he told us it is newly-built). Regular there is also the Island Guide who is famous for his adjectives after taking photos of guests! I bet he memorized the dictionary. Wow! Amazing! Splendid! Beautiful! Gorgeous! All adjectives, ladies and gentlemen.

I realize again and again that I have to meet “diet.” Huhu.

Moving forward, do not forget that there are cute friends inside the forest. So, you have to keep quiet or keep your voice low.

Thanks Bhebeng Girl for these photos!

Not a surprise though, we spent the entire morning dipping in the coooold water, and when we felt it is super hot and the sun is already high, we went back to the Main Island. In going to and fro Mantigue Island, you have to ride a pump boat. Most of these boats are stationed in the main entrance for Mantigue Island and only offer transport at cheap price.

When I thought Mantigue waters is cold already, then here’s Katibawasan Falls! Wooooh. The cold water dripping made me tremble. But believe me, when you’re there, you will enjoy the coldness. Like it will embrace your entire system.

Outside the vicinity are also Pasalubong stores where you could find keychains, T-shirts, ref magnets, accessories and many others. I also found and tasted once again my favorite snacks back childhood days, Kiping.

After it, we went to Bura Soda Water Pool. Guys, soda waters is cold also. I was not oriented that when we went there, our itinerary is all waters! Hahaha. Obvious as it is what one Camiguin is about but I did not think of it.

During our days in the island, we stayed at Dreamland Beach Resort. The rooms are just priced enough to provide you rest after a day of walking and traveling around. If you also want to try water sports, you could easily approach their admin for reservations.

It is also but nice that we stayed here because the terminal going to White Island is just near this resort.

In the next day, our team went to the White Island earliest in the morning that we witnessed the beautiful sun rise. Looking at it, I more realize how blessed we are to experience this kind. Back in the city, we hassle daily and we get stress with all the matters that we have at hand, and here – here in Camiguin lies a beautiful island that is so much filled with peace and tranquility. No wonder, a lot of visitors look forward to visit the place.

You can play in its clean waters and even taste “Swaki.” It was my first time to taste “Swaki” and indeed, it is very delicious. It is an edible substance nested inside a thorn-full shell. If you happen to drop by an Instagram post of mine, I shared there that we had a chance to talk to the vendor and he told us he has five kids all grown-up already. With an amount that he could raise every day that must be hard for all five children in the family, he happily said they are living well. I am so happy to know stories like this during times I can never expect to learn these from. Stories of successes and yes, happiness of other people which inside of me, I am thankful to the Almighty up above for being so good to His children.

During the last day, we had our lunch in J & A Fishpen. It is a restaurant by the sea, where all you could see is picturesque. They offer all kinds of seafood while listening to Camiguin-made songs. I remember one time I was addicted to the song ”Palangga ka, Camiguin” or the sort, I am not sure with the title. LOL.

All our dinners, we spent it at Samuel by Vjandep. It is the restaurant at the middle of Mambajao which offers delicious Filipino food. If you want to know about this restaurant, you may visit their Facebook Page. I tell you, they are so responsive, same with how hospitable they are comes to their visitors and how homey their food are. Samuel by Vjandep offers catering and they also have large function room for business events and all other occasions.

And of course, dropping by Vjandep Pasalubong Store is a must! Vjandep Pastel is famous and displayed in malls and negosyo centers around the Philippines, and you must not miss to visit their shop in its home Island.

For those who haven’t tried this place yet, I highly recommend Camiguin for your relaxation and recreation. If you think you are so much outdated, visit Camiguin. If you feel you are so much drained there’s nothing you can think or feel anymore, feel Camiguin.

Irene is a lifestyle and travel blogger from Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines. She is just one of your typical storytellers who appreciate the wonders of life. Most of the time, she seeks for a beautiful place and get lost in it.

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