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Pampering services available at Nailaholics Nail Salon & Spa

Life, after a very busy day dealing with the hectic schedule and yeah, toxic people – is meant to be cooled down before the day ends. So, as of me, my go-to place is Nailaholics Nails Salon and Spa at my favorite SM CDO Downtown Premier to have my favorite to-do habits.

Mark October 17, Nailaholics’ National Pampering Day at Nailaholics

So, I am a happy bee to announce you all that this October 17, it would be the National Pampering Day at Nailaholics. So, be sure to go there by 10am to 1pm to avail their services for FREE. Yes guys, you read it right. Free on all of their line of services. Waaa! I am so kilig here. If you think you’re going, let me share to you my favorite services that you might want to experience as well. Browse down below!



1. Indulgent Aqua (Manicure and Pedicure)

Yeaaaah, first of! What’s the use of going to a nail spa if you don’t pamper your nails anyway? Lol. My favorite nowadays is to paint my babies with nude colors. I mean, those shades that anyone could hardly notice except if they will stare at the nails longer. I feel it is cleaner and look more professional, rather than the pastel ones that I used to put on my nails. There’s no bad thing going beyond the fence, is there?


2. Paraffin Treatment on Both Hands and Feet

Ahhhh. Both of my hands and feet are stressed. What’s with being out and about, going to places every now and then, plus stressed that reached skies. Paraffin Treatment relaxes yrelaxes you in a way of: a.) It feels good to surprise your existence with warm – ah no, slash that – on a hot water. The therapist warned me twice that the chemical is hot that I might not take it, but I told her I burn my stress body every night on the warmest water I could find, that she would not worry. Haha. Anyways, Paraffin Treatment will smoothen your hand and foot skin. Through it, dead skin will be removed, allowing for a healthy glow and lighter feeling on the skin area.


3. Pebble Beach Stress Reliever Back Massage (Back Massage) 

Massage is already part of my list of activities that provide me comfort. Even I don’t go out many times as usual, but when I visit Massage and Spa Center, I feel like I have gone to many places, relaxing, especially that my body is so exposed to the cold that I easily catch back pain and wary feeling.


4. Huntington Beach Therapeutic Foot Reflexology (Foot Spa and Reflexology)

From walking to run some errands, I know I abused my feet already. So, having a foot spa and reflex are the best things ever.


5. Eyebrow Threading

Do I have to explain more? Because girl, kilay is life and neat kilay is lifer.


6. Eyelash Perming

I spent more of my time putting mascara on my lashes. I like applying a little bit and make it curly. But for eyelash perming, I bet, your your lashes will be curved from 1 to 2 months. Hassle-free, yes?




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