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Of coming home

Good evening everyone! Well, I am here posting once again in the midst of working and finishing mountains of paper works – again. Huhu. You know what, I am so much thankful for this blog that I have something else to visit to if I am already tired, or my eyes are already exhausted from seeing all the letters + numbers mixed in this large screen, or my brain for analyzing things and thinking too hard. Plus, I have this toothache right now that I hate so much. My officemates said it is because I am stressed most of the time that my body is reacting already, seems like it wanna shout that he’s already tired after the entire day at work.

And yeah, it is my closest aunt’s (Mama Ding) birthday! I feel so bad being right here right now and working but I have no choice. Anyways, I will go home this Wednesday and will finally greet her personally and hand her my gift. Mama, all the love from here CDO to Jasaan! Mwuah!

So, let’s go on what this blog post is all about. LOL. (Talkative people should be tied upside down. Kidding!)

Throwback to our Davao trips when I wore this one. I almost forgot that I have this beautiful dress. So timely because “ber” months already started – months that Alumni Homecoming is very famous, elementary, high school or even a “homecoming” for a family who went abroad or somewhere faraway to work. Friends, it is the season of running out of clothes! Hahaha. And money also if you have to buy another for the next party you’re going. LOL. Thank goodness I have come to browse this one. It is a gift from my best friend Vian (I bet, this is her pre-love. Hehe) Hence now, I already have a homecoming dress under 100 bucks!

By the way, guys, if you want to find similar clothes. Maybe, red homecoming dresses (Hehe, red!), visit here.


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