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Hello dears! It’s been long since I last blog and update my life on how it went through. The last time I rant in here was months passed already. LOL. My job (as always) has taken my time since I have to double time on my paper works amidst all our hosted multisectoral forums and kiosk launching in different provinces and also my blogging events which I slowed down a little bit this month. I even failed to provide usual news and affairs on the recently concluded Higalaay Festival, a big celebration for Cagayan de Oro City, except for its line activities: the Higalaay Street Festival which I was one of the partner bloggers and also the launching of the new Krispy Kreme branch at SM CDO Downtown Premier where they also introduced their Higalaay promo.

And, I deactivated all my Facebook accounts. Ha! Little isolation is so hard for me, really. However, I observed that browsing social media, especially over Facebook is consuming so much of my time already and it is not right. There are more important things to do, honestly. Yes, you’re right. I am doubtful if I have disciplined myself enough for little things like this. Actually, I have thought and even attempted to deactivate before but to no avail, friends saying “I tagged you!” and officemates exclaiming “Look at what was posted!” are really hindrances to my plan. LOL. But I hope this time, I am taking this seriously already. I want to try this for a month and I am telling it to you to make it official. Hehe.

By the ways, how are you guys? These past weeks are overwhelmingly hectic for me. I encountered a lot of things (and I am still facing it now) and I am so much stressed. Maybe, that happens in our life sometimes that we thought we stopped growing that when we start looking on things, we think we have abused ourselves too much, we stopped loving ourselves, and we just want that love to come back and in order to attain that, we need to remind ourselves to do something about it and it is only us who will know how (I am posting this to remind myself, LOL.)

When I entered the “real” world and trying my best to stay into it and prevent to be kicked out so that I can continue my life “normally” daily (like attend to my responsibilities and pay bills), I am always hassling and stressed out, as I have always said in my previous posts. Perhaps, it is just normal being that because to be able to attain your goals and achieve your general targets, you have to work on it. And when things fail or about to fail, you get stressed.

There are times I worry about my life and ask myself, “Do I have to be like this forever?” LOL. I am so problematic. You know what, guys, is it just me being overreacting or this is just part of quarter-life crisis? Lot of times I prefer the latter. I didn’t worry like this when I was 15 or 18. I was not scared as this. I slept soundly. I am not unhappy. More times I laugh. Everyone, my stress is eating me out and it’s already a big deal for me because I let it.

I know positive mindset will be a great help, and hopefully I can teach myself to have that plus (+) sign in my head, to normalize my situation and absorb the fact that this is the reality – a something that I have to face daily, a something that I cannot escape from. I am not young any longer and I just cannot cry in the corner and ask other people to solve mazes for me. I am doing things beyond what I have done before and I should be happy for this challenge, because this means growth. People stay in their places if they find their selves growing, taking new ventures every day, and being excited what a day has prepared for them.

I am grateful that daily in my life, I am always reminded to be thankful because what I am doing now, what I am now are few of the items this life has stored for me. Yes, maybe we stumble down and we sometimes find ourselves worrying about tomorrow, but I think we should have let our God lead the way. I believe some doubts along my way will find directions and all the zigzags and curves and crisscrosses will get straightened. And that’s how we should be. Have focus. Be proactive. Face the reality, overcome daily stress, be thankful of everyday that has come and celebrate life itself.

Thank you for reading on this ”rant.” LOL. Praying I would be fine and functioning again. Here’s to a stronger heart and wonderful things life has to offer after every storm.

Irene is a lifestyle and travel blogger from Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines. She is just one of your typical storytellers who appreciate the wonders of life. Most of the time, she seeks for a beautiful place and get lost in it.

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