Enchanted River in Hinatuan

They said the world is like a book, if you stay in one place, you only read one page. True enough, I feel very overwhelmed when I get to visit new places, knowing that I have known something new in my life.

Though spent with very limited time, my trip in Surigao del Sur is my favorite so far. It is a travel that I don’t stress about sans the poor signal and bumpy road (with some adrenaline rush!). I heard once, going to the place without signal and somewhere hidden can be healthy; you do not browse your Facebook, yes – you might not greet your Facebook friends “Good morning” with that lovely sunrise, but it encourages you to live the moment and enjoy every experience that you will have. You bond with your friends and talk to them face to face. Plus, it releases stress and make you think of beautiful things you have and be thankful for all the blessings. Yes again, that’s what stress-free life makes you.

On the side note, I am sharing you our trip photos. First of, Enchanted River in Hinatuan.


HAHAHAHAHA! Hello Kags! I give it all to Kagawad April Ganzan of Barangay Upper Jasaan for setting our van with so much laughter and funny stories.

There are a looot of people waiting for 3pm because it will be their feeding time (with soft music ha). They also said fishes in different sizes and kinds will come out from that very, very deep hole. My friend said no diver since the beginning has ever estimated how deep this body of water is. Enchanting information.

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