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Finding solace and the best deal I got from using Traveloka App

December was my most awaited month last year. Aside from the holidays, it is the time of the year where companies make a bit of slowdown in their operations and just do couple of assessments. My friends and I planned to take a leave and visit Dahilayan Adventure Park and the Kampo Juan somewhere in Bukidnon. However to my dismay, I found myself very busy assisting in events and even finishing what is it to be done before the year ends. I was a busy bee on December, guys! Moreover, whenever I had free days, I just set those aside for rest and family time. At least, that is all I could do to end 2016 right, considering the limited time.

Here comes January, and even though I could manage to vacate any day for a vacation, everyone, including my friends, is out and about in doing their own businesses, like it is not a month for strolling around and traveling to Never Never Land. I was clueless of this. So, I was left alone. It is only days before January ends, and I was all stressed, stocked in the four corners of the office, of my bedroom, of the malls and in dire need of breathe, of solace and of space away from things that remind me of my daily life responsibilities.

Then I remembered about having a staycation and I smiled.

I want to choose the premier and newest hotel in the city, thinking that it provides complete amenities. And because the getaway is only within the city, I invited my bestfriend Vian to be with me. Needless to say, we all have that one friend behind our vacation photos (Hi Vian! Hihi), or the one to talk with so the stay won’t be boring. Finding solace does not mean we have to be alone, right? Just good thing our work schedules matched, so there’s no problem.

Further, choosing a hotel with high-quality service and amenities has its usual downsides, however. We all know that. Sure, it could hurt our budget, but well.

I was about to call the Limketkai Luxe Hotel’s reservations to book our stay, until Vianney told me to try searching about Traveloka. Her stories about her work colleagues using it encouraged me to try for it. Plus, I thought I was familiar with it. Pictures in my mind reminded me that about seeing its blue logo while browsing different websites since I was the in-charge of booking hotels and flights for our company.

Traveloka turned out to be a mobile app where travellers and adventure-seekers alike could book their hotel rooms, and even flights – both domestic and international. In addition to that which is my favourite is it provides best deals on all of your bookings! And lo and behold, as I scroll, I can hardly put my eyes away from all the discount rates. Babe, I remember my previous vacations where I pay almost half of my salary! If I used the Traveloka App, I could have saved, or even stayed longer or could have invited more friends to hang-out with. Not just that, Traveloka also offers lots of discounts! Just see the Ongoing Promo tab on the dashboard.

The mobile app is also easy to use. While using it, I didn’t have a problem. There are only few buttons to click and all are responsive, so it is not a hassle to scroll in it.

After having successfully using the app and proved it myself, I told several friends about it. And yes, thereafter, I also proved that people of my age endlessly travel. And now, I am already the in-charge of all our gala bookings. My friends are serious about it and even though I want to punch them in the face (Kidding), I would love to be.



How to use Traveloka Mobile App

Traveloka Mobile App can be downloaded both iOS and Android. To those who want to know how to use it and how to look for great deals comes to hotel rooms, here are the basic steps:

  1. Once you tap the icon, the dashboard of blue will sprout. You will see tabs such as Flights, Hotels, International Flights, International Hotels, Price Alerts and Ongoing Promos. So, tap “Hotels.” It will take you to a search page.

  2. In the search page, enter your destination, check-in date, duration (or how many nights), number of guests, and also of rooms.

    3. Tap on “Search” then choose the hotel you want. In my case, it was not hard for me to opt for what hotel because Traveloka already listed basic details of each hotel, such as room rate, inclusions, facilities and even its acquired rating, care of TripAdvisor.



4. After choosing your hotel of preference, input your contact details, any special requests (I requested for a room/floor near the pool and the one with strongest Wifi connection), and review you’re booking. Then once you’re on the payment page, input the coupon code, and then you’ll see how much you will pay (and also the amount you’ve saved!). Thereafter, a voucher will be sent to your e-mail, and there you go.

And ladies and gentlemen, you’re welcome and enjoy your staycation!


Irene is a lifestyle and travel blogger from Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines. She is just one of your typical storytellers who appreciate the wonders of life. Most of the time, she seeks for a beautiful place and get lost in it.

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