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Nobu Hotel Manila


Traveling to far places is the best antidote to fight stress (and heartbreak!). It is because being away from mountains of workloads will release all the negative vibes, which is good because once you come back to the office, you will be more than effective. Work is something to be look forward to when you only carry light baggage and is conditioned for your entire day’s activity. Aside from that, traveling is helpful when you are going through something. Being away from the place that reminds you of your misfortune will give place for more “Me Time” and as well, peaceful environment to think deeply and arrive to your most intelligent decision. […]

Personally, this is how I view travels. Honestly, for two things that I mentioned above, I am currently experiencing both. So sad to say, there are times in our life where we could be so much down. I am just thankful that I am filled of several things at my work and this blog, reasons that push me to be at my strongest. Thankful though that I am still moving forward, despite everything. Thank God.

Back to traveling, I had come to fly up Manila last week for an important event and guess what, I was so happy that I stayed at Nobu Hotel Manila.


Nobu Hotel is located inside City of Dreams Manila in Entertainment City, Paranaque. Aside from the fact that I admired how their crew are dressed, its offering of an amazing view is simply relaxing, I am honestly overwhelmed.



I was assigned at the eighth floor and one part of my room is dedicated to the view outside. I know Manila is beyond busy and traffic is stressful but I really enjoyed watching every plane having its take off from the airport, since City of Dreams is located just distance away from the Ninoy Aquino International Airport.




When your towel is too dirty for the closet and still clean for a laundry bag — WELCOME TO THE CHAIR! Hahaha. (That is supposed to be a joke, but well, LOL.)



Excuse my feet!



Housed as well inside the hotel, are Nobu Restaurant and Nobu Health Club and Spa (I heard they are currently on 35% OFF!). Nobu Restaurant is serving Contemporary Japanese Cuisine. So, don’t be surprised if everyone will exclaim “Gozaimasu!” as courtesy and morning greeting when you enter at breakfast (Hehe, me and my friend were surprised at first because we didn’t know it’s a Japanese Restaurant, LOL).



And also, I amiably admire the resto’s dreamy theme of a place, especially the set of tables placed near the garden area of the hotel. Just rustic romantic.

The Nobu Restaurant is open for Daily Breakfast, Sunday Brunch, Sun Downers (Diners can enjoy flowing Nobu signature cocktails, red and white wines, local and imported beers, and unique Nobu-style Pica Pica) and Dinner.


Hence, when in Manila, stay at Nobu Hotel Manila. For more information, you may call +63 2 800 8080.


Irene is a lifestyle and travel blogger from Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines. She is just one of your typical storytellers who appreciate the wonders of life. Most of the time, she seeks for a beautiful place and get lost in it.

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