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Just Hello No. 2


Hello dear readers! This time, I am gonna tell you some things and do not mind me if this is too long because I am planning to construct a complex essay. Lol.

I hope all of you are doing fine with everything you do. For those who are still studying, I hope you take learning seriously and could have a breath somehow. For those who are still on their travels, wow, enjoy your life dears! Someone right here is so envious. And for those who are working, I am praying that you could still cope up despite the stress. You know, I know what you are feeling. I love my job very much and I cannot imagine myself doing other things than this but I am even just find myself so new (though I am already seven months old in this job) in my work that I have to still study everything so that I could complete everything PROPERLY in a day.

You are might thinking that I am once again storytelling about my job and everything, well don’t you worry. Instead, I just want to share my ways in surviving of having deadlines and pending tasks, and even problems at home or the stress in life, in general.

I believe it is not just me but most of us encounter hard and stressful times once or each day in our lives. Let me remind you that that is universal. It is not just you and me, but it is part of each one’s life to encounter and solve an equation of life. These might be and not limited to financial problems, marital misunderstandings, conflicts, failures in our plans, stress at our jobs or having a problem of relationships at home or in the workplace. These are just few things that discourage us to go on of the matter that we are into. Sometimes we just have to sit down in a corner and think, cry afterwards and even come up of ignoring what we are thinking already.

I am sure that each one of us has ways on how to temporarily relieve our stress. For several years of overcoming different forms of stress, I believe there are already a hundred and one lessons that we already kept in our mind and quotable quotes that we have always wanted to live by. These small ways, after all, are our means of survival. There are might be a lot of people who criticize us or question us for being in our way, but who cares? It’s us who are feeling the pain and stress.

Hence, the following are some of the points that I always ponder.

1. Doing your best in everything you do. I give my bet on this. I am in my ability that in everything I do, I give my best shot. However sometimes, my best is not enough. There are times I weep and cry because of even exerting the very best effort, I just fail. However, my mom is always telling me that things are not always of my control and I am not perfect. Even though I aim for perfection, she told me that circumstances just sometimes do not participate. As long as I did my best, that is already enough.

2.  Coming up activities that could release all of your worries. There was a time in my life that I have worried a lot and it is the first time. It is during my 6th grade and I was competing for a regional feature writing competition. I was stressed and so pessimistic, thinking that I would never win. I cannot sleep at the headquarters, and even always nearing to tears. Hours before the awarding, I isolated myself from our group and went somewhere. I just walked and let my feet bring me somewhere. As minutes passed by, that I was away from the crowd, away from the place that brought me pressure, I became at peace. The moment I prayed, the praying was overwhelming. Though it is impossibly effective for some people but being alone sometimes could allow you to embrace the thought that you are forcing yourself into – that you will be fine and everything tough would soon be over.

Traveling is also a venue that would help you quiet your soul. This is the main reason that most people who has undergone intense and stressful situations would choose to travel. Basically, I am planning to have one soon once my assignments will be normalized. Please pray for me!

3. Going to church. Of course, if one needs to accomplish an important goal, he needs a lot of motivation and as for me, I can have it through going to church. I am not religious as the most religious person in the world but I am a believer. This is perhaps because I was raised on going to church twice a week that I have become this way. Even it is not a day for church service, I sometimes find myself entering the church to pray. Look at the things we do just to achieve peace in our hearts.

4. I have practiced a cool mood. During our Team Enhancement Activity, we took a personality quiz that determined our current behaviours and as well how we react to a certain stimuli. Apparently, I have three Blue strips which say that I am cool, a yellow strip and a green. Being cool means you just go with the flow. I realized it is so me. It was my weakness to initiate. At times, I am thinking of moving on other direction first but I don’t act it and instead, just follow the rules. In the future, I am hoping that I could be more of a green or yellow which are colors of being more initiative. For now, I am happy that I have this cool behaviour where I am much safer and stress-free. Perhaps, I am still in that stage and I am happy about it.

5. Being respectful to other people. In the same activity, one of the comments that I received is I am respectful (Well, thank you). This is maybe because of me being just cool and all. I do not force what I want because I am afraid that I might step to the other’s desires. I learned to weigh things and just end up paving way for other people. This is so me. What I am trying to say is that the same to enhancing or maintaining harmonious relationships in organizations (of any forms and sizes), there should be respect – it means giving respect to other’s privacy, their principles and practices, culture, beliefs and several others. I think that is the best way to avoid conflicts. We are humans embodied with rules of what is right and wrong but people are entitled to their own decisions, their acts, their words and how they live their life and we can never be in a place to question them, unless it extremely affects us and step over our ways as well. However, as long as we are just looking at them and they are looking at us and nothing touches us, then let it be. Sometimes, we want to show our care and concern for the person, we can express it once and we are just until that line; the rest – the decision is all theirs.

Respect begets respect. Times we encounter tough situations; one of the communication skills that truly work is through empathizing. Let us try to put ourselves to the shoes of others, then think what we want others would do for us if we are in that situations. Then, that is the time we realize the utmost right thing to do. Some of our problems are ones only caused by us. Let us be honest, we sometimes have this attitude of being determined in proving that we are the right and we can do everything. Let us take control on our acts through empathizing.

6. Lastly, in everything we do, let us be proactive. I am challenging myself to be that as well. I have learned that all of we are encountering could be solved, or if not, minimized if we are proactive. It is about thinking what should be done before responding. Certainly, being so is tough, but let us make it a habit. A speaker during our TEA said it takes 21 days for an activity to be a habit. 21 days is kinda years but hey, it didn’t even reach a month. Let us all learn to be proactive and we have 21 days to be it for the rest of our lives.

Guys, let us all live a beautiful life! Problems are always there, but remember we are all wiser than any problem this world has ever made.

Irene is a lifestyle and travel blogger from Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines. She is just one of your typical storytellers who appreciate the wonders of life. Most of the time, she seeks for a beautiful place and get lost in it.


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