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Pete’s Patriots Gastro Pub

Eating outside has been a regular habit of mine already since I moved here in the city. Yes, I already moved here in CDO. After several years of having to commute from home to CDO, I finally decided to look for my place to lessen the daily hassle.

As I was saying, eating outside could be a hassle too. In my situation, I already got tired having dinner on delivered fried chicken and rice. Since I moved, I have been looking for like home-cooked Filipino food or what to fill up my stomach after the entire day’s heavy load.

Good thing! I found out about the coming of Manila-originated Pete’s Patriots Gastro Pub in Cagayan de Oro.

The pub is serving several mouth-watering dishes, such as their bestselling melt-in-your-mouth Sous Vide Crispy Pata. Do you know that this has been slow-cooked for 12 hours in a revolutionary Sous-Vide machine before fried? Seriously, beautiful things are created with a lot of effort and time.

Pete’s Patriots feature a wide variety of dishes that are mostly Filipino-American fusion cuisine such as Sous-Vide Beef Salpicao, Sisig Sipa, Homemade Bacon Belly, Steak and Rice Skillet, and our savory Banana Beignets. Fyi, these are their bestsellers that all go from modern to classic twist.

By the way, I am providing you some of the cuisines you might want to try at Pete’s Patriots.

Beer Braised Sausages

Beer Braised Sausages


Bucket of Shrimp Ala Pateros

Bucket of Shrimp Ala Pateros


Chicken Skin

Chicken Skin


Chorizo Cheesy Croquettes

Chorizo Cheesy Croquettes


Demographic Goto

Demographic Goto


DIY Shawarma (1)

DIY Shawarma


Fire Pit Chicken

Fire Pit Chicken


Kimchi Dumplings

Kimchi Dumplings


Lumpia plus Sisig

Lumpia plus Sisig


Luna Sampler- Sizzling Squid, Croquettes, Poutine

Luna Sampler- Sizzling Squid, Croquettes, Poutine


Sisig Sipa

Sisig Sipa


Sizzling Salt & Pepper Squid

Sizzling Salt & Pepper Squid


Sous Vide Crispy Pata

Sous Vide Crispy Pata


Sous Vide Salpicao

Sous Vide Salpicao


Steak & Rice Skillet, AnimalFarm, MisamisMarinara, Pancit Bihon Paella

Steak & Rice Skillet, Animal Farm, Misamis Marinara, Pancit Bihon Paella


Ubod ng Sarap

Ubod ng Sarap



As the first Filipino Gastro Pub concept of its kind in the Philippines, Pete’s Patriots is on a mission of providing venue for Kagay-anons to embrace and experience the Manila Lifestyle bar concept. Pete’s Patriots Gastro Pub can be found at Rosario Strip, Limketkai Center here in Cagayan de Oro.

© All photos are supplied by Pete’s Patriots Gastro Pub of The Red Crabs Group of Restaurants.

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