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Back to September


My friends and I did some get-away slash escapades like two months ago. I planned before to share it with you really right after those strolls but duhh, life got busier than usual that I failed to do it. But anyways, I am starting to realize the plan right.

These friends I am talking about are my “Beastfriends” (It is already our “slang” name). Our friendship started during our days inside our student publication in college (The Trailblazer Publication of Mindanao University of Science and Technology) and was strengthen by busy news coverages especially during Intramurals and MUST Days, sleepless press works, failed deadlines and crying moments, and celebrated along with successful magazine, tabloid and folio release, org travels, parties and unity gatherings (Haiz, those are the days).

There are five regular members of our group, JC, Juicy, Novie, Renz and me. I say regular, because anyone from Trailblazer who wants to join us anytime would instantly be one of us. Haha. We call this group “Beaches.” That name came up when these “Ahuh, bitch!” expression went famous back college days and like random expressions we have gotten to be hooked to, we used it like all the time. We then just decided to change the spelling to make it less wild. So, “Beaches” isn’t about couple of lovely, sandy places, but it is just it – a total non-sense thing. Hahahaha.

Anyways, let us go back to our business. Hehehe. Our latest hashtag laagan life started when we met for a birthday celebration for JC. His name is John Cris but he refused to hear it from us. A lot of people call him Nhoj, but I don’t like the sound nor feel like joining the bandwagon. Lol. In the midst of talking and eating, we started out our plans and our meet ups came after another which most of it are not part of our original plans. These people, tsk. Lol.


Macahambus Cave

Sometime in September, we decided to pursue one in the list and it is at Lumbia, Cagayan de Oro City. Ate Juicy, my girly girl Ate I don’t want to describe anymore because according to her, words are not enough (LOL!), decided to organize the itinerary. Trusting her and everyone, I just went with the flow. We reminded each other to come early morning, in order to be done exactly in the afternoon because I still have news coverage by 1pm sharp. You know what happened? JC went out from his office 12 noon. Wow. What would you expect?

Just then, I decided to visit the assigned event by 3pm and my friends promised me to send me in the city. So, we went to Macahambus Cave. Believe me or not, it was my first time. You know, I was so glad that I was able to visit these places because some people nowadays babble about far places, and just forget those tourist spots in their own place. I am just hopeful I could visit some more here. I am sure there are still a lot I haven’t explored yet.



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JC is such the most irritating person in the world!






Michelle, Irene, Renz Marion, Kuya Khen, Ate Juicy, and the annoying. Peace!


Insert Baby In-in. And oh, hi to you out there Novie, be sure for next time! Hehehe.




Cabula River Resort

After a short visit at Macahambus Cave, we went to Cabula. At first, I thought it was near the city. I thought it is a park. But this walang kamalay-malay girl was really walang kamalay-malay, Hahaha. Cabula is part of Baungon, Bukidnon. It is just drive away from Macahambus. So it means that, it is still far from my beloved Cagayan de Oro. Lol. And worse, it is not a park. Everybody, it is a pool resort seated beside the river. My friends just ignored me and my babble that I almost cried. They teased me and told me to go back to the city alone, if I can easily find a jeep that could send me there. Gosh, transportation there is truly a challenge, I suggest that you should bring or just rent vehicle if you plan to climb in this place.

Life really just continues. All I can feel is the guilt of not having to cover a very, very important event, good thing Editor was there.

This resort is just beside a part of Cagayan de Oro River. Ate Juicy told me before that this place used to gather crowd because aside from the view, fresh air and relaxing sound of the rushing river, it offers food services and a lot of recreational activities. However, the rude typhoon Sendong affected this area. To date, the place is recovering and improving. Though it is different from before, Cabula River Resort still offers unique enjoyment, cool water, fresh air and relaxing ambiance through nature’s music cause by the river.

The entrance fee only costs P50 and cottage fee ranges from 200-300. You can also just avail table, if the season is dry, for P50 and extra chairs. Swimwear is not a requirement (Good thing because I didn’t even bring one, or even an extra shirt!) Comfort rooms are clean. What made me frown are just their shower rooms. Ate Juicy and I were so funny. I have to push the shower knob still to stop the water from flowing while she dresses up. Hehehe. But that’s the only thing. The area is good, and their playground is so wide. Plus, they also have this mini-zipline ride that I found creative. But, ladies and gentlemen, you have to bring extra number of friends with you to pull the rope and you have to be very extra careful, be talented with balancing and do not ever forget to hold the grip tight because otherwise, surely you will fall. Hehehe. It is a mini playground, indeed! It is very recommendable for a 1-day team building activity.

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Hahaha. Renz! Are you really serious with that headband?

12071316_893280604086325_847272581_n copy




Mountain of Sta. Cruz

This is much pakana of JC. Just because he wanted to practice his skills and prepare for his climb on a certain mountain somewhere in Bukidnon, he dragged us to Sta. Cruz mountain in Baungon, Bukidnon, just kilometres away from Lumbia.

Our experience was really tough. It is indeed a trekking. There are so many corn stalks and cassava plants that are honestly taller than me. The way up there is so steep that I fell down thrice. Grabi jod akong pi-ang. There are a lot of scary worms and itchy wild plants (Yes, that is mountain climbing. I’m sorry I just want to describe. Hehe.). Ate Juicy told me that the place is better and easier to climb during Panaad days because residents near the mountain do some light clearing. Unfortunately and fortunately though, our climb was done on sunny September.

There are a lot of times that we just want to go back because we saw climbing was really tough, but yet, we just can’t because JC keeps on saying “No! We will blaze the trail!” (This guy is so annoying! Haha.). So, because of our perseverance, patience, confidence and love for this annoying guy (Hahaha! And also for camaraderie. Hihi.), we made it to the top! Just wow. Hahaha. Cheer for me oy. Lol.



The aftermath. Forgive the background please. We were just really tired. Hehe.


And forgive this face once again. Hehehe.

P.S. I cannot upload more photos on this because JC is still hiding his DSLR. So, JC, if you’re reading this, could you just please be a friend for now at least? LOLjk.

You know what. What we realized is that life after college is much much tough. It is not because of the exams but on how to drive your life in order for you not to stick in one place and stop growing and learning. There are times that even how we see our place to be something good for our growth, there are still moments we find life as tiring, boring, and always a repeat of yesterday. But that is something we should not allow to last. We have to do something with these discouraging moments, for us to see life with colors. We don’t have to give up and give in to this feeling that desires to swallow us. Remember the famous statement, “When in doubt, travel.”

Irene is a lifestyle and travel blogger from Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines. She is just one of your typical storytellers who appreciate the wonders of life. Most of the time, she seeks for a beautiful place and get lost in it.

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