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When in Davao

(Davao Trip: Day 2)

I admit the night before, I was so scared and unbelievably funny. Good thing, I slept with a comforter so thick, all I can see is dark and then when I fully woke up, goodness! it’s already 5:59am.

I jumped off the bed and called roomie to wake up. Bernadith was so stubborn at sleep! Hahaha. I took a bath and prepared and decided to tour the entire hotel because I haven’t received a text message from Ma’am Jam yet.

Upon roaming around, I realized there are so many things in Hotel Tropika. It has a tropical garden setting and in there, visitors can experience the freshness of green, vitality of orange and warmth of yellow.

They also have very good services:

They have business center for paper works. So if you are in there for work, it is not really a problem. They also have PC station with laser printer, and color printer in the lobby. Aside from that, their customers can also enjoy the free wifi. We were given list of passwords! but I think, those are just useful in the other floors compared to the groundfloor where we stayed. When I checked-in in my Swarm of Foursquare mobile app, I read a pop-up tip there saying that wifi is strong at the second floor! (Such helpful app. Hehe.)

They also have complimentary newspapers for readers like us. The rooms are so good and complete with basic facilities. So, I don’t have any side comments for it (Except that there are so many mirrors! Hahaha).

As I know of, the hotel also give services like airport shuttle, car rental, conference rooms for meetings, restaurant, room service, luggage storage, laundry service, wake up call if you want to be reminded and facilitate messages in hotel rooms or spas nearby.

I also read their manual (err, sorry for being a snicky and over-reacting customer!) and found out that such read inform you of some tourist destinations in Davao in which Hotel Tropika could maybe assist you on how to go there (I am not just sure). I remember I read something about Philippine Eagle Center, Davao Crocodile Park, Eden Nature Park, Monfort Bat Sanctuary, Japanese Tunnel and many others. Plus, the hotel have its environmental initiatives, like they avoid plastic bottles and encourage their costumers to reuse towels and lenins. Perhaps, business active participation (to different advocacy) like this is one of the reasons why Davao is very clean!

Upon touring the place, I also saw groom’s men and the groom having photo shoot and a lovely reception of floral purple. So, I am sure this hotel is also open to be venue of several occasions.






Photos not on grid are taken by Bernadith Gempisao of PIA-Bukidnon. Thankies Gurl!

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