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Aboitiz Media Night 2015

The night at media appreciation event was really fun-filled. It was held at SMX Convention Center, inside SM Lanang Premier, a mall of just a drive away from where we stayed in. There are so many media practitioners that I saw a lot of familiar faces. After all, journalist representatives from different newspaper outlets, radio stations and television stations in the entire Mindanao and as well representatives from government news agencies were invited. The theme is Bata Batuta in Barangay Aboitiz. The Aboitiz Distribution Group Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Jim Aboitiz, said during his speech said that it is an early Christmas celebration where we make most out of it very much like children do. So we dressed like kids (in where I was so effortless. Hehe) and made fun like kids! Truly kids at heart.

The party was full of selfies, groupies, games and laughter. We played Step-no (Karang-karang in Bisaya) with a TWIST of putting your head high so you cannot see the lines. So, if you step on a line, you’re out. Hahahaha. I want to congratulate my girl Bernadith though for winning. She’s such a wonder! Haha. That game is impossible. We also participated in the Katutubong Sayaw contest where we danced Tinikling. Unfortunately, our beauty and sways have not attracted the judges. Haha. Kidding! The Igorot team bagged the prize that I am so envious of. LOL. Aside from that, there was also a contest for Best Dressed, Selfie of the Night and Groupie of the Night. Lucky are those who won! Huhu.




Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of AboitizPower Distribution Group, Jim Aboitiz, is delivering a welcome message infront of media people. He informed them about their current projects and future plans. Few of ones mentioned are: Apo Agua in Davao, a first infra business unit which will be the country’s largest private bulk water supply facility with a fully renewable energy-powered water treatment plant, and the Republic Cement and Building Materials, Inc., an Aboitiz’ start in cement industry through their partnership with CRH Plc, a global leader in manufacturing and supplying building materials. He also mentioned about building of the country’s largest private bulk supply in Davao City through the company’s first infra business unit Apo Agua Inc. Optimistic, Aboitiz ended his speech saying, “With all of the above developments, we definitely have our hands full and the anticipation of what’s ahead is quite exciting… We are taking purposeful steps toward realizing our vision to be a truly sustainable enterprise that we can entrust to future generations.” AboitizPower is a subsidiary of Cebu-based conglomerate Aboitiz Equity Ventures.





After that, we went back to the hotel, tired but smiling. My roomie is just so funny. I think she drank so much San Mig, because when she was done brushing her teeth, off she went asleep instantly. How unfair for me! I went changing my clothes, arranging my bag, preparing my tomorrow’s clothes, combing my hair, brushing my teeth, and when I am already deciding that I should take half bath before sleep, I realized the night was so silent, and creepy and there are so many mirrors in the room. Oh, how I hate mirrors at night because I remember some scenes from horror movies. So, I just realized, I should skip what I have been thinking, put off the lights (oh that one lamp don’t have switch in it!) and went under the covers.

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