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Having the feeling of being sexy provides us happiness and confidence to face each day has to bring. It pushes us to do beyond our limits.

Sad to say though, that most of the time, people just refer and corner sexiness based on physical appearance. Fact is several things make a woman sexy.

For me, a woman’s bravery makes her sexy. Being independent and moving sans the expectation that in every maze she will possibly face, there is a knight of shining armor. A woman who has the will power and belief that she can do things on her own is sexy.

Being intelligent also makes her sexy. Intelligence is not just on how high school grades you need to have but also on how you reason out things. A woman who see beyond what she physically saw is a critical thinker. She produces more soothing music out of playing piano, she makes every word more meaningful and she makes the world more colorful.

Self-discipline also makes a person sexy. When one tend to discipline herself, it means that she can practice strong sense of self-control and for me, it is a wonder for a woman to manage herself well.

However, there are times that our confidence on being brave, intelligent, and self-managed fail to go up 100% for reasons that make us uncomfortable. Thus, we have to do basic things to keep up our confidence of being our sole selves and feel sexy.

You don’t get what I mean? Well, let me give you an example.

1. Feeling the sexiness and woman in us is frequently challenging. At times, we have to do things to keep these things up and erase the things that make us less sexy such as stress and insecurities. Some people do workouts in the gym to relieve stress. Some girls do camping and trekking or even mountain-climbing to think things over while doing a tough job. Some go shopping. Some go eat and paint the town red.

Well, for me, I have a very much different way. As you all do not know, I work as reporter Mondays to Saturdays, and eight hours a week. I cover events that even last until night. So, it is impossible for me to spend so much time trekking, going to the gym or  even shopping.

So to put up my mood to feel the bravery, intelligence, self-discipline, confidence and sexiness inside me, I used my natural fashion savvy bit of a being. This method caused me good not just short term but long term-based.


In my work, I am actually required to wear clothes that are up to any coverage. Usually, I wear jeans then paired with polo shirt (that is basically our uniform) or slacks and blouse.

But time comes that I feel like I am already less of the girl that I am; wearing all those jeans and polo shirts made me sick. So starting there, I scheduled myself to wear a dress or blouse + skirt combo twice a week.

I know I told you that it is so sad for some people to tag sexiness based on physical looks but lo and behold, I, wearing dress or skirts, makes me feel changed and think that I moved out from my usual shell. It makes my inner being be free of stress. Doing it, I feel that “today is different.” It is not just on how I look with all those dress but on the idea that I can declare, “I can make change today.”


2. Wearing dress or skirts of course comes with another challenge. For my part, there are times that I am not comfortable because it is easy for specks of dirt from everywhere to stick on my skin. It makes me feel sensitive. Plus, I have to see to it that I smell good and feel good all day, and most especially to get rid of itching and irritating feeling down there.

Good thing I met Betadine Feminine Wash. It is a product that I have been loyal to. I use it twice a week (or everyday during red days). I believe that doing so, must be a feminine hygiene habit that each one of us should assign ourselves.

Betadine Feminine Wash is Povidone Iodine 7.5% antiseptic feminine wash that protects from common germs that cause discomfort among women. It is also known as the most prescribed product by medical doctors to mothers after giving birth. Not just that, Betadine Feminine Wash also ranks number 3 in the Feminine Wash Category and number 1 in Liquid Anti Septic Feminine Wash Category. Thus, as a user, I don’t have any doubts! So, for a woman who wants less irritation and less odor for extra confidence boost, then Betadine Feminine Wash is for you!


Betadine Feminine Wash has actually the power to make you feel sexy and clean even of how many hours you stay under the sun to work, enjoy outdoor activities or all things that transform a more human in you. Readers, “clean is the new sexy!”

Sexy is now not simply defined as looking like one. Clean is the new sexy! It is also important that you, dear readers, should remember that feeling sexy comes from within and by having it inside you can make you instantly sexy. Have a good days ahead!

Note: This is a copy of my post published at Tumblr and Blogger as entry to Betadine’s #IDoItTwiceAWeek Blogger Contest, in partnership with Nuffnang Philippines.

Irene is a lifestyle and travel blogger from Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines. She is just one of your typical storytellers who appreciate the wonders of life. Most of the time, she seeks for a beautiful place and get lost in it.

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