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I didn’t know how to shout and shriek the loudest until I experienced holding on and hard for my dear life. LOL.

Yesterday afternoon, my friends and I worked on our plans and bonded. We met at Limketkai Center, then dropped at Mcdonald’s for food and also at Fully Booked (inside Limketkai Center) to take a peek on some new books. Hope, Shiela and I so love books. Our friendship was made out of our being bibliophile Back in our college years, we spend most of our time in the library, or inside book stores. There are six of us in our group and it is us three who love books and I believe that what makes us closer.

After strolling around, we went to Double R Grand Carnival, set up right infront of Limketkai Center to try some rides. Carnivals used to visit Cagayan de Oro in time of fiesta. And, yeah! We transcended back to our childhood. I didn’t know how to shout and shriek the loudest until I experienced holding on and hard for my dear life. LOL. That Mary Rose Scramble/Octopus ride made us back out from Hurricane Coaster, which we actually went there for. It is just so saddening that in that time, the coaster is not functioning well. So, we just rode on Swing Carousel (wherein I nearly fall, goodness!) and the Scramble. Believing that it will turn out fine, we planned and are supposed to wait for the Hurricane Coaster but our dizzy and nauseous feeling made us back out and instead choose to go home and rest. Other than that, we also had plans in meeting our friend who just came home from Cebu and pig out at Chingkeetea but we begged her that we will just meet her next time because we don’t really feel well.

Even though my friends really hate that Scramble experience, I actually mean to treasure it. It is a precious moment we could look back to and laugh about in the future! So still, I have no regrets!

You guys must visit the carnival. I think it will stay until September. The entrance is 30.00Php and rides will cost from 30-50Php only. Enjoy and have some fun under the sun, and even under the carnival’s star lights!

I just grabbed the following photos from my bestfriend Hope. Unfortunately, my phone was dead that time and so my cam too. My Goodness! The blogger me almost died. But anyways, I hope the following will at least serve the purpose.








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