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Kagay-an Festival Marathon 2015

I so actively participated in the Kagay-an Festival Marathon held August 23, 2015. Though the night before, I thought I won’t make it because waking early morning like 3am is always a challenge for me. But hey! I made it and even woke up 15 minutes before. Really, if your body is telling you you cannot, your brain just work and it is amazing to realize that!

I got a little bit frustrated remembering the my bestfriend Vian even reminded me to wake up early with PLEASE but know what, I had been calling her for more than half hour and still not answering her phone. I am midst thinking that she is still sleeping because her alarm failed due to the low volume, or she is already taking a bath. I decided to make my last attempt and plan to go alone if it is still a rejection, but she did! She was not yet ready and still going to go up from bed, but she, waking up, was a relief.

We made our way to Cagayan de Oro City, because the starting point is near Centrio. Then, I realized my office colleagues are not attending because they failed to wake up or what and I just laughed at the thought. My 3-kilometer experience is good and there are so many participants. There was also an unlimited snacks at the middle point of 3K and Vian enjoyed it a lot! and me too, obviously.

Kagay-an Festival Marathon is annually done and one of the core events of Higalaay Cagayan de Oro Fiesta.











In the same day, along with the conduct of the marathon, the first ever Kagay-an Health and Wellness Expo was also opened, organized as the same by Circles Productions.


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