Hi beloved readers! It’s good to be back here and assigning myself to do blogging. I am about to tell you some awesome things I have been busy with these past few days, reason behind my short blogging hiatus. You know what, I never thought a short notice would bring me back once again in Lanao del Norte. Yet I am too eager to take care of ”time-is-so-short to prepare” thing. After all, another travel work means another side adventures and I never say NO to that.

I am just so thankful that I was done with my assignments. So, there’s nothing too stressing to think about. Funny, it made me conclude that this travel is for my diary.

I went there first and foremost because of PAyapa at MAsaganang PamayaNAn, a special project of Sustainable Livelihood Program of Department of Social Welfare and Development. It is a program intended for conflict-affected areas and as well as areas vulnerable to conflicts. In Region 10, areas that are recipient of this program are all situated in Lanao del Norte.

The travel from Cagayan de Oro to Tubod, Lanao del Norte is approximately four hours. However, compared to our travel a month ago, it took longer because we went directly to SND (Sultan Naga Dimaporo), I bet the last town of Lanao Norte before the first town included in the jurisdiction of the next province or Maguindanao. In there, we visited the project site of SLP-PAMANA located at Capocao village. The travel went long, hassle (because it’s raining) and tiring yet fun and full of laughter. The means of transportation going to that barangay is motorcycle but compared to what I used to ride, it is much bigger, especially the wheels. Certain, its size is reasonable because the way up to Capocao is beyond rocky road. In fact, there are several big rocks along the way that I have to get a grip on both waist and neck of my partner-passenger, Sir Oliver. Hahahahaha. I guess I’ve been overly harsh to him. ‘Sorry po.’

After the ride that took almost 30 minutes, the tiredness went away. I mean, why not? There are so many villagers that met us. Aside from that, there are people waving at us along the way. Amazing!

Plus on that, they prepared very delicious meal where native chicken, shrimps and crabs won’t be absent.

I made interviews on some residents and I am so thankful how easy it is to talk to them like they are all prepared for questions. Honestly, gathering data is not a smooth way all the time. Sometimes, it is so hard to have these important data when interviewees that you happened to bump into are too shy to talk to, uncertain to give facts or afraid to spill beans which are absolutely typical to a lot of people because they thought it is not them who are the right people to be asked for.

After a short program and documentation about the projects we went to other sites such as a new SLP-PAMANA market and solar dryer in Poblacion Tubod. We then headed to MCC Hotel to check in, have some rest and prepare for the travel on the next project site in Sagad town early 5:00am of the next day.










This is “Nanay” who invited us to drink juice from the coconut she brought. It is just so heart-whelming how people like her show gratefulness for the coming of DSWD SLP and PAMANA projects in their place. Little efforts truly counts and seeing it in my very own eyes made me want to cry of gratefulness as well. Those are not little anymore. I felt beyond than that.

Day 2 on the next post. Thanks DSWD for the invite! Thanks as well to our news company, BusinessWeek Mindanao Corp., for allowing and letting me have this travel opportunity.

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