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It has been a dream of me to be good at baking and cooking. Feeling that emotion after creating something that your loved ones could surely love is amazing! But sadly, I grew up with busy schedule at school, then filled activity planners at work that I have not learn so much about this delightful activity. It is one thing in my life that saddens me. Seeing people getting busy in the kitchens is just piercing in the eye because I know I badly want to do the same and how I wish it is one of my obsessed hobbies back in my younger days. If it was, I could picture myself eating cookies from time to time. Because so you know, I love cookies! It’s just that, I can’t bake the same delicious cookies. It is tormenting and I badly wanna learn! I even mentioned to my mom about purchasing a good large oven just like my friend’s. LOL. More now, that I have recently participated in the Media Bake-olution conducted by FineLab Division last July 18 at Super Kei Shoppers in Cogon, Cagayan de Oro. It encouraged and pushed me to do cooking and baking and make cookies by myself.

FineLab is a division of Beauchem Thermtech Group, Inc. that distributes food solutions like specialty baking ingredients, food packing materials, premium condiments and cooking ingredients, imported wines and spirits, and food machinery to the restaurants and bars, commissaries, hotels and resorts, hospitals, caterers, food manufacturers and supermarkets of South Mindanao, North Mindanao, and Visayas.

Recently, FineLab has come up that there is a need for bakers to be masters of their craft. They heeded this call by introducing Bake-olution – the revolution FineLab is aiming for.  By providing the finest food solutions and baking seminars for the evolution of homebakers, entrepreneur-bakers, and baking enthusiasts, FineLab gets to start a possible ripple effect for the baking industry in the Philippines.

Following its success in Davao City, FineLab’s Bake-olution has extended in Cagayan de Oro City and nearby areas like Iligan, Bukidnon and Butuan, giving additional knowledge to all homebakers, baking enthusiasts and clients. It was initially participated by media practitioners and bloggers coming from Northern Mindanao and I am too happy that I was made part of it.

FineLab prepared these tasty cakes during the Media Bake-olution in Cagayan de Oro.
FineLab prepared these tasty cakes during the Media Bake-olution in Cagayan de Oro.
These were given as freebies to those who actively participated in the live demo.

Special Butter Pastel. Special Pound Cakes. Veggie Bread Varieties Bread. Special Chewy Brownies. These are the specialties made during the event where we participated in simple tasks.




That is Chef Argie T. Tagon, FineLab Technical Sales and Service Officer, showing us different ways in putting icing or designing a cupcake. And I am not good at it, seriously.
My attempt to design the cupcakes, and oh no, the result is not that good. LOL!


We were also taught on lettering and designing cakes through icing.



FineLab’s line of specialty baking ingredients is classified into four sub-categories: FineBake offers products primarily used for baking, while FineDesserts products are used to enhance many different desserts out there. Finissimo is FineLab’s exclusive line for cocoa powder and chocolates while FineEggs is the exclusive line for egg products.


FineLab also have premium condiments and other cooking ingredients, and imported wines and spirits in its roster. Moreover, it offers aluminum foil, cling wrap, and wax paper in both consumer and institutional packaging to cater both markets. Up until just recently, FineLab started offering plastic cutlery perfect for get-togethers and food businesses.

It is also proud of its food machinery. They believe that having dependable and consistent equipment is essential in any food production. And as a true partner, FineLab caters reliable and high quality machinery.

Photo is taken at Super Kei Shoppers in Cogon, Cagayan de Oro City.


In Cagayan de Oro, the same specialty baking ingredients and food packing materials are available in Super Kei Shoppers along Quirino Street, Kevin Enterprises at J.R. Borja Extension, and K Mart at J.R. Borja Street.

For more information on FineLab, kindly visit their Facebook page:

In the photo are Ms. Nadelyn H. Torres-Baldonado, Assistant Vice President for Marketing and Communications; (Me); FineLab Chairman and President Leonardo M. Torres; and Chef Argie T. Tagon, Baking Instructor.


FineLab 4
Photo: FineLab Division
Photo: FineLab
Photo: FineLab Division
Photo: FineLab Division

UPDATE (8/3/15) | The same article is published in BusinessWeek Mindanao’s back page


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