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I actually have a pretty interest comes to fashion. Some of my friends call me “fashionista” because of the way I dress though I am really not. I believe it just that I love being dressy and wear in colors, that is why it sometimes attract attention.

During my younger years, I am used of wearing jeans and plain blouse. Yes, I was a jeans girl. However, now that I am working, I have to wear corporate business attire or formal ones that suit the office or even proper enough to face clients.

I then ignored wearing jeans for a quite sometime like when I wear one, officemate will say, “wow! himala, nag-jeans!” It will shock me at first but remembering the last time I wear jeans, I realize it is weeks or a month ago. That impact the statement.

But well, to these days like it is rainy-hot (Warm rainy days! Have you noticed?), I began to appreciate wearing my old style. It is not just that looking at my dresses and skirts and pondered everything is still in the laundry is stressful, but hey! wearing jeans is very comfortable and safe during wet season; not to mention those times when you ride public vehicles and you have to be careful that your skirt’s hem won’t climb up.

However, as I parenthesized (I mean, words I put into parenthesis above. I am obviously creating my own words here!) above, rainy season this time is a bit warm, like it is different than the normal rainy season before. Thus, we need that jeans that yes, covered us tightly, but would not make us feel warmer along of it covering us.

I discovered one. It is not just comfortable to wear, but it is smooth and friendly to my skin. Bobson Japan’s Natsuki Jeans has become my favorite. I love skinny jeans! It is a super low skinny with skinny leg opening. During the time that I purchased it at Limketkai Mall’s Bobson Japan, it cost P 1,800.00. The jeans supports fresh, crisp, modern and clean approach.


Bobson Japan is a pure Japanese denim brand that extended here in the Philippines recently. (I have written about its first branch’ opening. That is why I know some of its basics.)

Bobson’s signature effortless classic style goes back to 1969, when the company was founded by Toshiharu Ozaki in Okayama, Japan. Today, the brand continues its legacy of finely-crafted jeans as it expands its market in the Philippines.

Bobson assures users a more comfortable and durable jeans for these are made with a unique left-hand twill weaving technique, making it a lot different among existing jean brands. Moreover, it aims to produce product of choice for a polished man or woman who wants staple pieces that are clean, fresh, and simple, but always relevant.

(1) Natsuki, (2) Juri, (3) Tami, (4) Ria

(1) Okayama (2) Kanagawa (3) Tokyo (4) Shizuoka

(Photos: Bobson Japan)

Bobson Japan jeans collection for males include Okayama, the original cut with slightly tapered bottom opening; Kanagawa, a slim straight on straight bottom opening; Tokyo, having features include tapered bottom opening; and Shizuoka, a skinny jeans on skinny bottom opening. For females, jeans collection include Natsuki (as mentioned), a super low skinny with skinny leg opening; Juri, a low rise jeggings with slim leg opening; Tami, the low rise skinny jeans with tapered leg opening; and Ria, the regular waist tube with skinny tube opening.

In CDO, Bobson Japan could be found at West Concourse of Limketkai Mall and 2nd Floor of Gaisano Mall.

1 (2)

Front of Bobson Japan in Limketkai Mall.


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