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I have been grateful that I was invited to a media interaction held recently at Seda Centrio Hotel for because of it, I was convinced to buy a house of my own, in the future. You know, at 21, I really thought that I am too young to buy a house because my compensation is just enough to satisfy my needs and some wants too, and buying a house is far to reach; not to mention that I have no plans to settle down yet until the next 10 years (LOL!) or even live on my own for I am still quite dependent to my parents. But because of BellaVita, my views have changed and I am happy for it. Having a house even though you don’t need it as much right now is a plus. It is quite an investment for your future self. Thinking that you could have some place to go home to when you feel want to be alone is just a good feeling! You can even invite your best girlfriends to hang out in there, or even your family for a good, new chill. For certain, buying a house not sooner than 3 years from now is already in my bucketlist.

Every Kagay-anon’s dream of owning a house is now within reach as BellaVita expands its reach in Cagayan de Oro City. Its offer of affordable homes is a matter that makes it more exciting to everyone who wants to build a home. BellaVita caters to a broad affordable market segment that includes minimum wage earners and members of the informal business sector.

It is the aim of BellaVita Land Corporation, a socialized housing development under Ayala Land Inc., to give every Kagay-anon a shot at having a home they can call their own. Instead of renting or living with relatives, families can get the chance to invest for their own property for as low as their usual monthly rent. The buying experience with BellaVita is easy on pocket since the monthly payment is light and affordable.

BellaVita’s developments are all nestled in a peaceful and safe community. 22 square meter-floored houses built in 36-sq. m. lot area are also beautifully and practically designed, and customers could expect reliable performance over time.

The low-cost housing of BellaVita is a realization of Ayala Land’s singular vision of “Enhancing Land and Enriching Lives” for more people. It gives emphasis on Living and Livelihood Integration, radiated from so-called three Brand Pillars which are location, design and living experience. This Living and Livelihood Integration gives the idea that the location is near public transport system, and proximity to localized commercial destinations; design must be clustered neighborhood or integrated community; and ensures clean, peaceful and orderly living experience.

BellaVita in Cagayan de Oro City is a horizontal development located at Barangay Indahag, which is just six kilometers away from town proper and much near to major commercial and business establishments. Different forms of transportation are also accessible within the area, so having the dire to go from place to places is not a problem. Its strategic location will give its residents more opportunities in life.

Moreover, the place is flood-free since it is an elevated area, plus it is surrounded by vast of greens. The natural love for nature is another great thing about BellaVita. The community is planned to be surrounded with trees.

The company also ensures that the neighborhood is very family-friendly, and safety is an utmost priority. Its affordable rate does not compromise its quality because of BellaVita Land Corp. promises to bring out one best from modern technology in creating the houses.

BellaVita Land Corp. in Cagayan de Oro could be reached through their office located at Grand Central at Pabayo-Hayes Streets in Divisoria.

SOCIALIZED housing development BellaVita Land Corp.aims to give every Kagay-anos a shot at having a home they can call their own. (Photo Supplied)

“SOCIALIZED housing development BellaVita Land Corp. aims to give every Kagay-anons a shot at having a home they can call their own.” (Photo Supplied)


“BellaVita’s developments are all nestled in a peaceful and safe community, beautifully and practically designed and will provide reliable performance over time.” (Photo Supplied)

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